Friday, August 22, 2014

Cosmo Portrait & Otter Mania

Hey jammers! Today's new item is located in Jam Mart Furniture, be sure to purchase the new Cosmo Portrait for 400 Gems!
Another item added to the Alpha portrait collection in Jam Mart Furniture! Animal Jam has gone otter crazy! Hundreds of otters have been spotted exploring the land of Jamaa. Here's my fun little otter outfit!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Otter Movements!

Hey jammers! Bonsai here, with some gifs of the new Otter's movements! Let me tell you, they are 

Land movements
As you know, the otter can live on both land and water, so there are 2 sets of movements for both.
Thanks to an anonymous jammer for the footage that I made into a gif!

Sitting (all directions)


Otters Arrive with Tavie the Dolphin Alpha Adventure

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Hey jammers! This is snowy, and I'm back from being my silly sick version of myself. I like this version much better... Just silly. ^-^ ANYwho, update time! First things first, our new item of the day...
A Liza Portrait, sold in Jam Mart Clothing. Just in case you don't see her face around Jamaa enough. I swear, I see her floating head everywhere... I'm not crazy!!! Maybe just a little bit. But now, let's turn over to the main feature of this lovely update, the OTTERS!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Otterly Fun Branch Antlers

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late post today, piano's a crazy thing! Today's new item are the Branch Antlers at Epic Wonders for a large 1,750 gems!
I guess it takes a lot of care to grow these! Did you know in Japan, you can buy square, triangle and star shaped watermelons?! Just like this item, they are quite expensive! They do look beautiful, though. Epspecially on my deer!
Pretty,  huh?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bamboo Patches, Otters + Robins.

Dear Spirit Jammers, 
I have noticed many of you worried about where Snowyclaw is. She's feeling a little under the weather, and a bit too much so to be writing thoughtful blog entries! She, and everyone on the Spirit Team, really appreciated your heartfelt concern. It touches my mind how amazing you people really are. <3

Hey, jammers! Bonsaii here, with today's amazing item! It's at the treetop gardens for a modest 350 gems, the wonderfully colored, possibly hand-grown bamboo patch!
I'm loving the nature theme with ladybug hats, flipflops, and bamboo! It's so sad summers slipping away... I'll sure miss the amazing plants! Speaking of plants, this item would be a great addition to DinozWisdom's Cabin in the Woods!