Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spoiler Alert: Polar Bear & Pet Lion Cub!?

Hey jammers! Wow! I've got some amazing news to tell you! Animal Jam Spirit viewer, xxsmile has sent in some exclusive pictures of the new polar bear animal, a new pet lion cub, & possibly a new Den set! These leaks can be found on the ajinsider's Instagram account. 

 If you would like to enter the spoiler post, please click 'continue reading' below.

Eyeball Hats and...KAWAII PETS!?

Hey jammers! Bonsaii here! Sorry for being so inactive, my computers are derp. Eheh. Today's new item is the Eyeball Hat, located at Jam-Mart Clothing!
Due to my Non Member ness, I can't change the colors. Another author will shortly. C:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rare Spooky Top Hat

Hey jammers, today's fresh and new rare is the the Rare Spooky Top Hat, on the 11th page of Jam Mart Clothing!
Wooooo *insert creepy ghost noises*  This one's scary all right!!! If anything is going to keep those pesky phantoms away, it's this for sure! ^_^ Are you guys excited for the Night Of the Phantoms?? Halloween as well(I'm not thinking about the candy...not at all... for sure!)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trick-Or-Treat Buckets and Mystical Potion Sets

Hi Jammers! 

Feelers here, posting again for the daily author!
Today's adorable item is the Trick-Or-Treat Bucket, found in Jam Mart Clothing for 550 gems!

This back item is the one accessory that will tie your Day of the Phantoms costume. You're ready for Trick-Or-Treating!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Day of the Phantoms Part 2: Pet Owls, Items, Animals, and More

Hi Jammers!

Feelers here, covering for the update post that happened yesterday!

I would like to quickly apologize about this late post. Authors are busy with their real life, especially since school is in session!

Pet Owls have returned to Jamaa! You can purchase one of these little guys at the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds!