Monday, October 20, 2014

Rare Phantom Balloon

Hey jammers! Cutegirl2001 here, to tell you today is the creepy and cool Rare Phantom Balloon
Even though the baby blue and white colours aren't the most spooky in all of Jamaa, it's still cool for the rare!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Phantom Lamp + Haunted Bookshelf

Hey jammers! We've got a bunch of Night of the Phantoms items today! The Haunted Bookshelf is now available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! The Phantom Lamp is also available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! Ohh spooky. Have fun shopping!
In Jam-Mart-Clothing, we have the new Bone Tail on sale! Now heading over to the Hot Cocoa Hut (located in Mt. Shiveer) the Flaming Jack-O'-Lantern Mask is now available! Ahh, so spooky!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spirit Artwork #12

You are tramping through the township of Jamaa, a jumble of loud voices and howls, indiscernible from one another. Animals seem to appear from nowhere, and you awkwardly stagger to the side to let a tough-looking Arctic Wolf through, and nearly trip over a poor seal minding her own business! Eventually you are able to make it to the bridge. After a great deal of panting, you look up to see the wary face of an old penguin, with a large, crooked beak and beady black eyes. When he raises an eyebrow at you, the many wrinkles on his forehead betray his age. He does not say a word, but hands you a book, and disappears into the crowd.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Fab Hair Day

Whoa, looks like we haven't had a post in a while. Apparently everyone is busy at the moment. It's like the stars aligned or something. 
I'll just leave this here so we can keep track of the flow of items! 
First up, we've got the monstrous hair. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Phantom Coffin + Bubbling Cauldron!

Hey jammers! Some more Night of the Phantoms items have arrived! The Phantom Coffin has arrived in Outback Imports (located in Kimbara Outback)! Also now available is the magical Bubbling Cauldron in Epic Wonders! 
 Ohh, spooky! Now time for a funny ocean item! The Superhero Cap has arrived in Jamaa's oceans! This item is perfect for a superhero outfit. Be sure to swim through Jamaa's oceans & help defeat the phantoms!