Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Panda Firework & Feathered Bird Hat, Leaving Roses & Pearl Birthstone

Hey jammers! Today we have two new pawsome items! Let's start by my personal favorite; the new Feathered Bird Hat! The Feathered Bird Hat is sold in the Summer Carnival for 2250 tickets and has a total of 8 pawsome colors. They appear to be peacock feathers!
I just really love the style of this new item (it looks kinda old beta).
Moving on, our next new item of the day is located in the Freedom Party; the Panda Firework! It is sold for 400 gems and it has 5 pawsome colors, but still, only five?
And of course, once you place it in your den, and click it, a wonderful new surprise of fireworks will go off, mostly panda fireworks.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rare Eagle Hat

Konnichiwa. Sorry for the late-ish post. But anyways, today being a Monday, we have a new rare in store; the Rare Eagle Hat. Sold on the 6th page of Jam Mart Clothing for 750 gems.
Over on the Daily Explorer, AJ has posted a reminder of today's rare. I wouldn't buy this rare, but I like the color choices.
I think they blend well together.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Parasol, Glitched Freedom Mohawk, Freedom Hula Skirt, & the Jammer Wall

Hey jammers! Apologies again for late posts – it's lovely having family visit me, but it is so tiring too. I fell asleep without posting last night. Anywho, what kinds of items do we have today??
It's sold for gems, not tickets? In the
Summer Carnival?? How very strange... 
My favorite of the recent items to emerge from AJHQ is the Parasol. It's so cute and ruffly, and I heard they can make you fly. Although that might just be Mary Poppins... Anywho, check below the little page break for almost twenty new items you can find around Jamaa!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spirit Artwork #27

It seems as though a lot of these pretty fountains have been popping up around Jamaa lately. There must have been a sudden surge in enthusiasm for the mysterious entity known across the land as Mira. The semi-transparent and jade-like material with its various blue-green hues as well as the delicate, detailed carving (...each feather is painstakingly etched) draw you in. Bright lights hidden inside the clump of rocks that serve as the base illuminate the water, giving it the appearance of being imbued with a magical aura. Though it is quite expensive, you decide to purchase one, fascinated by the prospect of such a well thought-out and artful piece of den decor. As you unpack the box in which it came, searching for the assembly instructions, you instead come across some mysterious pieces of paper that seemed to have been slipped in by mistake.