Sunday, September 21, 2014

Playing Nicely & Safely - Safety Tips

Hey jammers! The land of Jamaa is beautiful, it's a wonderful place where Jammers can live & explore, Jamaa is very magical! There's some bad Jammers in the land of Jamaa, it's very important all Jammers play together & be helpful! 
Being helpful, and kind makes other Jammers feel happy! Good Jammers make the land of Jamaa a better place, because they are always kind & helpful. You should always be polite in Jamaa too, being welcoming is always important!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Banyan Tree + New Gem Code

Hey jammers! The Banyan Tree is now available in Treetop Gardens located in Sarapia Forest! What a perfect item to celebrate the Pet Monkeys arriving in Jamaa! Have fun shopping!
We're having a lovely collection of gardening items, right? A new code sounds interesting indeed! Enter 'spooky' when you log into Jamaa for a 500 Gem bonus! Night of the Phantoms is coming, can't you feel it?
Sky High, in Coral Canyons is on double Gems for these remaining 2 weeks! Any good at playing Sky High? Remember a different game will be on double Gems soon!

Be A Jammer Not A Scammer - Safety Tips

Hey jammers! I'd thought I'll post a very important safety reminder! Sadly there's some bad Jammers in Jamaa who feel it's fun to scam- scamming is where people unfairly take your items away. You can simply ignore these scammers & have a happy day in the beautiful land of Jamaa. 
Scaming is not good, when you scam you're making a Jammer upset. Avoid scammers in Jamaa, if you see a scammer simply report the user to AJHQ - AJHQ will then be able to stop the user. Always help other Jammers, never scam!

Friday, September 19, 2014

TBA (To Be Announced) Miniature Pet Adventure Pre-Release

Hey jammers! It seems we had an issue with sourcing on a previous post about the TBA adventure glitch. Remember when you're reporting (whether it be on a website, school project, anything) to always make sure your source is willing to have their information shared. And if they are, be sure to give them the credit necessary (like a work cited or a bibliography in a research essay). Anywho, on to TBA!

These pictures were submitted by Ronen, when they discovered the TBA Adventure in their adventure menu. 
I see my owwwwlll. ^.^ It seems AJHQ accidentally published this little adventure before it was finished. Ruh roh! I've done that with posts before, hehe. Put since we have the pictures let's take a look!

Ruby Ring & Medical Sale

Hey jammers! Snowy here with a very late little post for today. I apologize for being so absent lately. School does have to be priority for me, and it just so happens this year was a big change. Thank you to the pawsome authors who have been updating when they can!

Today's new item is the Ruby Ring, located in the Epic Wonder's clothing orb. One color, one size, fits each and everyone!
In other news, the Kimbara Medical Center is having a sale on all items available in their little shop. Be sure to stop by!