Monday, July 25, 2016

Rare Binoculars & the Jambassador Plaque Explained

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here, making my way towards JamCon at the moment. Over in Jamaa, however, we have a brand new pair of Rare Binoculars for the Rare Item Monday.
Pretty bold colors we have here – I do wonder why AJHQ doesn't go with some different, less clashing color schemes sometimes.. But I suppose RIM style this crazy color combo!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Spirit Artwork #36

Ah! It appears you have stumbled into the bunny alpha's little corner of Jamaa. It sure is quite messy. Various cans of paint clutter the shelves, their colors muted by the dust which renders it impossible to see your reflection in the glass. Old stainssmudged pawprintscan be seen scattered on the floor. There are paintbrushes, pencils, even fancy fountain pens. Two lonely frames sit on the table beside them, their empty faces gazing forlornly, like a troubled pair of dark, glassy eyes. When was Peck here last? Probably ages ago. As you look up you see that there are many small pictures strewn about the wall: photos, drawings and such. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Cafe Den Set + Eagle Sale

Hey jammers! We have a bunch of new items being sold at Jam Mart Furniture, including a new cafe den item set!
Especially love the ladybug stool! Over in the diamond shop this week's diamond spotlight is the eagles become an eagle to explore the skies of Jamaa for five diamonds while you can!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sloths Arrive, Pet Hummingbirds Return, and Pet Meerkat

Hey jammers! The moment we've all been waiting for: sloths have finally called Jamaa home! Plus we have a returning pet and new outfit set... 
Members can become a sloth from the diamond shop for five diamonds! Also don't forget to check out the new sloth minibook available to read at the Chamber of Knowledge!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Spirit Artwork #35

You find yourself in a rather secluded area. You wander for a while, hoping to find signs of life, when, lo and behold, you happen upon a clearing in which there is established a small camp of sorts. And at the center—what luck!—it's the monkey alpha, Graham. He pauses tinkering with his tools and looks up to greet you, explaining the incredible abundance of resources in the nearby lands. He sends you on your way with some tools, but alas—the tools are weak and break within the first few minutes. Slightly miffed, you decide to look for things that don't require the use of tools, and to your surprise you happen upon a bunch of lost scrolls containing old artwork.