Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ridiculous Rares, Liza's Garden, NEW GAME, and LOTS more!

Hey jammers! Yellowdash here with today's update. Let's get right into it!
 Oh boy, more limited time items. I think we all know the drill by now. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have special RARE items available one day only... These have become so normal that I'm not going to bother with thi- hey wait a second. There's an item available for GEMS?!

 It's also non-member! While the Rare Giant Paws aren't that cool, the Rare Cheese Hat makes up for it.

 The new den shown in the sneak peak is Liza's Garden. As with most new dens, it's members only for seven diamonds at the diamond shop.

 Next up is a new feature for players with 1000ship. 1000ship players now get 1000 buddy slots to go with their 1000 clothing slots and 1000 den slots.

 I'm glad that Animal Jam is releasing a new minigame. Although it's VERY similar to one in Play Wild, it'll be fun to mess around with. I won't post any pictures of share any information about the game here. It would probably make it boring even faster than normal.

The annual spring adventure has returned along with the classic April Fool's Party.

 The cheetah's exhibit will return to the conservation museum, as well as Snow Leopards in the next update.

Fine... I'll buy a membership...

 There's been some non-member love in Jam-mart furniture recently. Everyone can buy these items for only 50 gems each. They're even scaled properly for the small house den.

Not pictured: Horse claw and wolf claw.
AJHQ is very quickly starting to release the animal exclusive claws again. I'd diffidently pick up some of the more rare and desirable animal's claws. River Race's arcade machine can also be bought again, although it doesn't appear to be back in Jamma Township.

Comment below with your thoughts on this update. I'll try and respond to each comment.
Happy jamming!

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