Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Skeleton Fence

Hey jammers! Sorry, no time to post until now. There is a new Skeleton Fence at the Spooky Party Furniture Shop.
I think it looks pretty cool! Whose bones do you think they're made from? Also Goofy8966 found that with one of the more recent updates came the ability to have a rematch in a buddy game if you lose. Pretty useful actually, what do you think?
AJHQ posted a new article.
Also, I found this cool old banner of Crystal Sands.
Although not entirely accurate it does give a sense of what crystal sands used to look like. Happy jamming!


  1. Member-Day... Again...


  2. @snowyclaw

    Very cool looking banner. I love the old Jamaasian days... Brings back loads of memories. :) I can't wait for AJHQ hopefully to bring them back, then I'd be happy. :D They were so peaceful, so informative, so everything Jamaasian! I loved it all!


  3. I joined on May 2 that's why I searched this up my name is clever queen I don't want more buddies please I want snowy claw to add me so bad >.<

  4. Wow... 4 comments in May 2012.
    April 2013: around 200 comments O.O

  5. wow .... this is lke wow in 2013 this blog is popular btw im from the futer lol jk i just looked back at old posts wow 4 ppl 5 4 maybe but wow O>o man with nose


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