Saturday, December 27, 2014

Spirit Artwork #15

You are making your way through the densely forested Temple of Zios, battling with the tangled undergrowth at every step. You come across a strange statue, collapsed upon itself. It seems to have once portrayed a mask or a face, but it is hard to tell because of the debris and moss surrounding the statue. A pitch-black hole, which probably once was an eye, stares at you from the rubble. For some reason it makes you feel veerry drowsy. You decide to take a nap next to the statue. Purple wisps of smoke coil and uncoil about as you fall into a deep sleep...

You find yourself next to the same statue, but it is... floating!? The Zios statue seems to be suspended in midair, held up by some magnificent ancient magic... You stare in awe as it gleams in the bright sunlight, its all-seeing eyes inlaid with large emeralds. At the foot of the statue, you see many papers strewn about...


Amazing art by FeenixWolf! I especially love the rainbow background on the first one; it really suits the many different wolves. Your backgrounds always fit the character! And the characters are always so detailed themselves -- I mean look at that flower crown! Soo pretty! 

An awesome owl sketch sent in by Katia9. The night background really suits your owl. Its eyes are nicely shaded, as well as the feathers! The sketchy style gives us a sense of movement, too. Overall this piece has a very mysterious feel to it...

An epic arctic wolf drawing by crazycoolcats // Veronica! I love how you drew that headdress with attention-to-detail, even including a little fringe on one of the feathers! The slight shading really gives depth to the piece. A fabulous digital drawing!

Cool art by Ryan! The form of your animals is very well done. The paws are very elegant, and I love how you stay consistent when drawing the same character! The shine on the dual samurai swords is also a nice touch. Impressive!

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Comment question: Do you like these art posts? What do you think is the best and worst part about them? Help me make them better!


  1. SECOND!
    Hi did you like my sketch owl

  2. Well, I LOVE owls. If you do, upvote this comment

  3. Yes, it's better than any owl I could draw!

  4. It's not my favorite, to be honest, I'm sorry, but I did like it. Your a better artist then me, so I shouldn't be the one hating on your artwork, even though I'm not, or not trying to. I do like the texture of the owl's beardythingermjoger, and the way he's just perched on the branch. Okay,

    I do not hate this artwork, the artist worked hard on it and that's all that matters. They did an amazing drawing overall =)

  5. So little comments, but an awesome post. :P
    (yes i didn't say pawsome deal with it)

  6. 10th
    Chu bad, bruh?

  7. Glad you like it ;U;
    I have a feeling people are bored of these...

  8. Waited for another one of these for forever!

  9. We just tend to see less jammers this time of year due to school. By the time summer rolls around we'll see some more visitors, don't worry!


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