Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cosmic Necklace, Late RIMs & Den Map Making Trends

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a Sunday post of random samplings and segments of Jamaa's happenings. First off, our newest item is located in the clothing orb of Epic Wonders, the Cosmic Necklace!
If Jamaa were in our universe, I would guess that this was Saturn (with its many rings). Do you think Jamaa exists on a planet much like Earth? Hmm.. In other news, we have some late-to-leave Rare Item Monday clothing still around in Jam Mart Clothing...

Why do you think these items are still hanging around? Is it just because of the lucky season? Those items seem to be on their way out!
What has been your favorite addition to the collection this year? I've been enjoying the Celtic styles seen on a lot of the furniture items.

Have you noticed the popularization of creating "den maps" in Animal Jam media nowadays? It's a fun way to remember how your den is decorated for the season. I just created one for my lucky spring den!
What do you think? Too cluttered? I always end up making my den like a home, trying to make it comfy and cozy (and full of plants, hehe).

If you're looking for some plants to collect, be sure to try out the spring adventure. There is even a fun snapshot contest run by AJHQ.
The prizes are five diamonds awarded to five different jammers. Click here to learn how to enter (entries due tomorrow).
Happy jamming everyone!!

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