Thursday, November 3, 2016

Toucans Are Coming

Hey jammers! AJ updated early this week with some Feast of Thanks preparations, firstly the adorable Pet Turkeys are back at the diamond shop!
Twist and Turns, everyone's favourite autumn adventure, has returned for the season! Always a fun seasonal adventure to complete with your friends and tons of pretty items to earn!
The Crystal Sands bottle mystery continues, but no further information as yet. I'm still certain that this build up will lead to either a new ocean land or adventure, how exciting!
Next up, we have an important next animal announcement from AJHQ, and we guessed it right! Toucans will soon be calling Jamaa's lands and skies home!
Be sure to check out the cute toucan animation, you can also watch it at Jammer Central! I always thought toucans were a summer/beach type of animal, but they will make a perfect autumn animal arrival.
My only criticism with this week's update is goats will soon be travelling. Goats are a popular animal, so instead of making goats travel why not make a less used animal begin their travels instead?
And last but not least, prepare for the Feast of Thanks with these returning and new Jam-a-Grams. Happy jamming everyone!

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