Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Year's Party 2017

Hey jammers! As 2016 is almost drawing to a close, the traditional New Year's Party has returned to our party menu. Firstly to get you in the winter spirit, here is an adorable background image from Animal Jam's social media sites!
AJHQ's artists did a brilliant job here as usual! Now to the party, at every New Year's Party you can purchase music from previous parties, watch pretty fireworks, and check out the den and clothing stores.
Den items sold at the party are exactly the same as last year. It would've been lovely to see new New Year items this year as well, but there is the traditional new year 2017 banner on sale.
And time for the clothing items which are also the same as any other year. 
Music being sold at this year's party is exactly the same as other years. 
That's pretty much it for the New Year's Party 2017. To be frankly honest, I can copy and paste 2016's New Year party post, there are only two item changes this year which are only text changes. On the plus side have a happy new year everyone!

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