Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Pet (and pet game)

The new pet is finally here! The butterfly icons are all over Jamaa, can you find each one? I'll give you one spot to get you started:
 I already found a small rare for my furry butterfly! :D
Are speculations were right! The pet building really is a pet wash! Have fun with your pets.
Lots of new things to do in Jamaa everyone! The next post will focus on the new Pet Wash game. Have fun in Jamaa!


  1. hey snowyclaw i got my green tail armor scammed And my white tail armor at least i get my fave tail armor black, i think the rare colored tails are coming back ~mydragonheart

  2. Hey this is a great blog! buddy me I'm monty05215 thanks if possible! You are a great jammer


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