Saturday, April 21, 2012

Panda Hat and Seaweed

Hey jammers, one of today's new items is the previously rare Panda Hat now sold in Jam Mart Clothing.
There is also some Potted Seaweed now sold Sunken Treasures. AJHQ seems on a roll with this underwater furniture set.
If you see any new items in various parties comment with the info! Or better yet, send me a picture at You guys are such a big help; commenting, emailing, and reading the blog.
Thanks so much for supporting me, it means a lot!

Be sure to check out the big post below, lots of articles by AJHQ are mentioned, as well as news for my blog/earth party!

New: Fun new art on the Spirit Art mini blog (Spino11)!
Coming Soon: A surprise birthday party, check out the Spirit Club blog!
Rares: I have a completed list a land clothing rares for members
and nonmembers on the AJ Items blog, check it out!


  1. First comment!Anyway i asked AJHQ for more space in invertory and cloth storage!What do u think,whill they do it?Anyway cool that panda hats are back!And ya i think AJHQ is a little ower reaxted aboat the den water furniture set.

  2. Guess what snowyclaw?I found a glitch at spirit howl's den!She's a non member but she had the silver brick for Epic Wonders!!!it was wierd!lol and i'm 2nd to commet,yay!

  3. Oh Never Mind It Was Non Member, Hmm I Wonder Why They Have A Non Member BRICK!?I Guess I Got A Little Over Wond!LOl!:D

  4. The silver bar is the ONLY nm epic wonder item,and I have got two,and I'm a nonmem.


  5. Snowy,I hate to ask but my friend u know,the owner of da new blog,she relized tht there ain't many pandas,so she iz tryin to ask ppl to help save 'em so far,she has...1 person.She tried all day yesterday,but only 1 wanted to help.She also is tryin' to get maybe like,2 other blog owners to try and get a few of their viewers to get monkeys back,she feels bad tht future jammers can't get 'em because of persent jammers.So,again,she didn't ask me,she just told me she was doing it.Her blog is, she also posted about another blog owners blog and how helpful she has been to try and get monkeys back.So,I dunno if she wants ur help because ur always busy but her user is TheHowler(her sister used her user on dis well at least until she was caught by her sister.Lol.)

  6. snowy lets meet up some time post where u want to go on animal jam and when and what serve i love warriors also plese let us be buddies.

  7. Mythical ArcticbelleApril 21, 2012 at 3:12 PM

    I know how to become a penguin in the horses only party? How? Easy! Just add me @ whatsthat

  8. Panda hat and seaweed looks awesome! ;)

  9. Hi SnowyClaw It's Me Who Though That The Silver Stick Was A Member Item.Lots Of People are Kind Of Copying your Blog,Like The News And The Font For Typing.Just Wanted You To Know About This.See Ya In Jamaa Soon.Lol! :D


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