Friday, September 7, 2012

Golden Throne

Hey jammers! Today's item is the egyptian influenced Golden Throne, sold in the furniture orb of Epic Wonders.
Meanwhile, there is an additional location for the AJ video.
Plus there is a brand new News Crew assignment!
Are you going to enter? Do you have time to enter?

New art is posted on the Spirit Art mini blog!


  1. Wow Snowy! Your views are getting bigger! :O Congrats :)!

  2. That's a cool chair, on another note.. I'm really really thinking about quitting AJ , two days ago I went missing my two bows, I don't think it was a hack or anything, as all my member gloves(11 of them) are there, and headdress , rare den items , like cami frog, rocking horse, firepit,, all there but bows missing???

    I e-mail AJ and they gave the same response they always do... Were sorry your child lost there items , use the trade list , B.S .

  3. Hi Snowy! I love today's item! But I think it also looks Siamese and Chinese as well as Egyptian. It's a whopping shame it's member and so expensive...

  4. Lol third comment x3 The golden throne is so cool and I'm entering for news crew assignment on Saturday...

    1. I mean forth XD I can't count!!!


    1. I've never seen an Animal Jam commercial. Then again I don't watch much TV-I'm always on the computer! >.< :p

    2. I've seen a commercial on tv for AJ b4 . It's the same video, and it was on nat geo WILD, no surprise there. -Hayluc

  6. awsome new item looks like sumthing pharoah tuttahkhamen wouldve had

    1. Nice but I'm getting sick of the gold stuff. DX

  7. My school Scehdule for today! (Im in 5th grade)

    - Go to my locker and get everything I need.
    -Get in class.
    -Talk with my friends for a while.
    -Listen to O-Canada.
    -Listen for morning announcments.
    -Get ready for Health/DPA.
    -Go to French class
    -Come back to my lockers and grab snack and other items (Reccess)
    -Writing time.
    -Gym class.
    -Go home for lunch.
    -Come back.
    -social studies/science
    -Get planners signed and get backpack packed.
    -Go home.

    1. Wow. That's SOO simple! I always thought public schools drove their students crazy. (I am schooled at home) For me it's:

      -wake up and watch tv/check out snowy's blog (7:45)
      -get dressed/ready eat breakfast (9:45)
      -do announcements (10:20)
      -do school )LA science and state history) (10:30)
      -lunch (12:30)
      -reading (my mom, 1:00)
      -free time (1:45)
      DONE. Then of course it's no computer... unless it's a movie... and sometimes we have art, writing and/or soccer. (along with church equip and life group) So you guys can see that I have a busy sheduele... (you should have seen before)
      I'm not even daring to tell you dudes what grade I'm in... (my dad will kill me, literally, or at least chain me up with no computer and THAT will be WORSE than DEATH!!!)

      -pac10 who will not enter that news contest =]

    2. I forgot that I have:
      -church on saturdays
      -games on saturdays
      -special service on sundays
      -equipp on wednesdays
      -life group on fridays
      -soccer practice on thursdays and tuesdays
      -my sibling's soccer practices (add 5 more)
      -art class fridays (2:00)
      So yeah... you can see how I can't join that contest... -shmiles-


    3. You're in fith grade but have a locker? For us it's in sixth grade that you get a locker. (I'm seventh but now I home school)

      To the second replier, I home school too! :D

    4. That's... really cool. 7th huh. -calls out, thankfully not in caps- can we stop telling pedefiles our grades?! I mean, no offense guyses... just a-sayin'. (reading too much redwall)


    5. I don't think people can stalk you or whatever with just your grade =)

    6. Kerriecat no longer having probs with Google/BloggerSeptember 7, 2012 at 9:19 AM

      Hey Wolf sorry can't use my Google now i HEAR people have been wondering where i have been anyway it's just i am fixing something on Google at the min p.s nice Alantion wolf/winged wolf same thing) anyhow also i kinda see/think you changed back to Bloggers now... even know i know the feeling sometimes but im alright with it p.s please tell others what happened to me lately :)

      sorry random just needed to tell you now i got a idea how to talk well im sorting it :)

    7. They CAN. Okay. I'm sorry. Guess your right. Not saying my grade. Old habit and or instinct.


  8. Kerriecat no longer having probs with Google/BloggerSeptember 7, 2012 at 9:06 AM

    Hey guys good news remember me Nickname Kerriecat but my real now i DON'T FEEL like saying as you see me as remember my weird Kerriecat old Blogger user and AJ user now!? well it's me i have been having probs with Google lately but the good news is im gonna fix the prob meaning i can blog AND once more comment more :)

    news gave to you by Kerriecat

  9. YAY KERRIE UR BACK!!!!!!! ^-^

    1. Kerriecat no longer having probs with Google/BloggerSeptember 7, 2012 at 11:20 AM

      IKR :3 well it may take me time to sort it ALL p.s i see you switched back to bloggers least i think...

  10. Yo,
    My schedule is

    7:45 read snowys blog an go on aj
    8;25 ride my bike to school
    8:30 morning recess
    9:00: morning work
    9:40 math
    10 :50 snack
    11:00 reading and lititure
    11:50 recess
    12:25 lunch
    12: 40 writing and geographey
    1:35 random subject
    2:20 social studies
    2:30 vocab or extra recess
    3:05 agenDa
    3:15 go home

    Ps im in 5th grade

    1. wow i didnt know this page had so much to do with schoolwork XD

    2. LOLZ. It has more school stuff than the School backpack thingy. :P

    3. Your telling me! We started a school-fan essay! This is what I enjoy...


  11. My schedule (I'm in 8th)

    - wake up @ 5:30 a.m.

    - get ready for school

    -GO to school

    - Advisory





    -MORE Humanities

    yup :P

  12. Snowy sorry i did not comment latley... School started and i have less time to...

  13. For me, school schedule is:
    7:00 Wake up
    7:01 Brush teeth.
    7:05 Dress up.
    7:30 Go to school.
    8:00 DOL(Daily Oral Language)
    8:30 Check DOL.
    9:00 Reading,
    10:00 RECESS!!!
    10:30 Go back to class.
    10:30 Finish reading.(not books, anthology! Sounds weird...)
    11:00 Math. Boring.
    12:00 Lunch. (Yum!)

    12:30 Go back to class.

    12:30 Science/Social Studies.

    1:00 YAY NO MORE SCHOOL now I have to wait 30 minutes in the hot sun(I have heat allergies)for my mom to pick me up. Grr.....

    2:00 PARTYYYY!!!!!

    Okay, so...
    go somewhere. type in the word 'happy' or any other word in fact in your chat box. Sit. click on the word happy about five trillion times (or just twenty two) and you can say more 'happy's or any other words in one chat bubble then any free chatter!

  15. How do you send in a entry for the contest?

  16. My schedule for schoold is:
    6:00 - 7:00 Go on Animal Jam, look at snowys blog, and post on my blog.
    7:30 - 8:00 Arrive at school and do morning work.
    8:00 - 10:00 Reading/Spelling/Language Arts
    10:00 - 11:35 Science
    11:35 - 11:55 Social Studies
    11:55 - 12:00 Walk to lunch
    12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
    12:30 - 12:45 Recess
    12:45 - 1:30 Math
    1:30 - 2:20 Specials
    2:20 - 3:00 Continuation Of Math
    3:00 - 3:15 Pack up and go home

    1. My schedule is different each day..... I have gym, social studies, math, science and language arts every day. Every day I have either art class or robotics class. Next semester I will have outdoor education instead of robotics. Sometimes both. I usually get to school around 8:45 each day.

    2. Wow I have to be in school by 7:25 o3o

      ~Llê Ðrågðñ Ö£ ²Ø¹²~

  17. snowy there is also a bag today and by the way i am a big fan of yours


  18. I'm in 5th grade...forgot scadule but wil remember soon!but I end school at hmmmmm....,3:15 sometimes 30.......just a reminder If you look me up(julysweet)you'll prob see my other animals are boys but my wolf trying save save up gems to by a new wolf with girl name.soon but please add me and say hey add me so I know your from AJ blog.anyways happy jamming!

    -julysweet(now girl so making major changes!)

  19. I do homeschooling! :P And as we've had work going on at our house we're extending the holidays a bit... But we still have to do a few pages of this and that. But I wish we could go to school... It's SO boring not having anyone to talk to or do something with!!!!! - The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.


  20. Today's item is terrible! It's too Human-ish and :S
    I really feel like quitting AJ now :(

    ~Llê Ðrågðñ Ö£ ²Ø¹²~

    1. Come on! They're trying their best to think of nature-ish items, but, hey! There isn't much out there! They'd be making plushies of every animal in the world! But, ya' know, that would be real weird. But, they're bringing the shamans(alphas) back! Maybe they'll make some changes! And even so, the backpack, a animal can't just carry around every bat wing and spiked collar they buy! They've gotta get something to put it in! And the sunglasses and stuff, we have to have them too! Harmful UV rays could damage our eyes! We would have to change our eyes every single day! What a terror! i like my eyes! So, animals in AJ do need human stuff! (especially animals that couldn't survive in Mt. Shiveer, they need something to keep them warm.)

    2. @Ella

      Me and my cousin and my sis (she was never supposed to but =.=) share the same account so it's really hard to tell who's postin, sorry to make you confused :( and about the bat pack I actually kinda like the backpack (though it's a bit... Human-ish) cause it's fun to use on penguins :D and for tigers if you have a clover and you use some sort of necklace it passes through XD. Too make things simple my sis and cousin aren't going to post from now on, so you can ignore all those posts :P I totally agree with that Mt. Shiveer XD We have old hoods and etc. So that's solved :D

      ~Llê Ðrågðñ Ö£ ²Ø¹²~

  21. Sorry, it's not the Egyptian throne but it's the new non member item that's at the left of the back pack :(

    ~Llê Ðrågðñ Ö£ ²Ø¹²~

  22. My schedual is now extended with volleyball practice Monday-thursday. 'till about 4:00. It's awesome because everyone I'm against doesn't want to bump the volleyball with me because I have an advantage. I'm tall. :)

  23. I'm in 5th grade...forgot scadule but wil remember soon!but I end school at hmmmmm....,3:15 sometimes 30.......just a reminder If you look me up(julysweet)you'll prob see my other animals are boys but my wolf trying save save up gems to by a new wolf with girl name.soon but please add me and say hey add me so I know your from AJ blog.anyways happy jamming!

    -julysweet(now girl so making major changes!)

  24. but in real life if u get one u wont regret it

  25. does anybody love to watch naruto shippuden
    its awesome XD

  26. my cousin has one but he lost the games i like to play most (call of duty modern warfare 2)

  27. woo hoo!! i made it to the commentors awesome XD yes fianlly!


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