Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sloths Arrive, Pet Hummingbirds Return, and Pet Meerkat

Hey jammers! The moment we've all been waiting for: sloths have finally called Jamaa home! Plus we have a returning pet and new outfit set... 
Members can become a sloth from the diamond shop for five diamonds! Also don't forget to check out the new sloth minibook available to read at the Chamber of Knowledge!
Complete the back page quiz to earn yourself a sloth trophy. Next up Pet Hummingbirds have returned to the diamond shop. 
We also have an all-new outfit set on sale at the diamond shop: the princess outfit set!
Jamaalidays in July is back, keep an eye out for the Jamaaliday Jam party from July 24th - July 28th.
And the cheetahs of Jamaa have begun their travellings. Kangaroos are also returning to the diamond shop in two weeks time - make sure you save up your diamonds for their return!
Moving on onto the next page of the Jamaa Journal, we have a trivia page all about sloths. Be sure to celebrate the arrival of sloths by watching AJHQ adopt a sloth in the latest video at Jammer Central! 
And finally pick up an AJ retail gift card to adopt an adorable pet meerkat and unlock three exclusive den items.
If you are finding the new player den icon update annoying, good news! You can now switch the player den icons off and on in your settings bar.
More good news for art lovers, there is a new masterpiece frame at Peck's Art Studio: the Phantom Frame. 
What are your first impressions of the new sloths? That's it for this week's update, happy jamming!

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