Saturday, July 16, 2016

Spirit Artwork #35

You find yourself in a rather secluded area. You wander for a while, hoping to find signs of life, when, lo and behold, you happen upon a clearing in which there is established a small camp of sorts. And at the center—what luck!—it's the monkey alpha, Graham. He pauses tinkering with his tools and looks up to greet you, explaining the incredible abundance of resources in the nearby lands. He sends you on your way with some tools, but alas—the tools are weak and break within the first few minutes. Slightly miffed, you decide to look for things that don't require the use of tools, and to your surprise you happen upon a bunch of lost scrolls containing old artwork.

First off, we have some lovely artwork from lucykate651! It's nice to see you trying out cool new poses.

Here we have some artwork by Dogrockerc. I especially like the soft colors in the last drawing.

This speedpaint was sent in by Shinymewgal. I love how you did the lineart and fur; your technique gives it a realistic feel.

This sketch was sent in by Dolphinrider8910. I especially love the details in the background: the plants in the snow, the landmarks of Jamaa, and even what appears to be a phantom attack in the distance.

Here we have some pieces sent in by Emily Shields. I love the details in your artwork, especially on Mira's accessories in the last piece.

An impressive minecraft statue done by TreeHugger Jamaa. I like the details in the items, such as the elf bracelets and the sword.

A pony OC sent in a while ago by Obscured Moon / Pinkclaw24, named "Neon Night." I think the color schemes you used are pretty neat!

These pieces were submitted a while ago by MacaronParadise. I always enjoy how action-packed your artwork is; there is always something happening.

This drawing was brought to us by LilypadAJ. It's definitely very interesting how you've used a face for the background, indicating an emotionally charged moment.

Finally, we have a beautiful snow scene by Tigerclaw50114. I especially enjoy the sense of movement one gets from this drawing as the horses leap over the rocky crags.

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