Friday, August 12, 2016

Pet Honeybees + Play Wild's 1st Birthday

Hey jammers! This week Play Wild updated with some pawsome new additions and changes. Firstly, like every month there is a new loading screen welcoming a new pet to Jamaa. 
Looks like pet horses will be making a debut on Play Wild soon! Pet Honeybees have arrived in celebration of Play Wild's 1st birthday. You can purchase a Pet Honeybee from the Sapphire Shop for 50 sapphires!
There are also celebrations for Play Wild's 1st birthday: collect Play Wild's 1st Birthday Cake when you login via the birthday pop-up message. 
Have you played Play Wild since day one? Crazy how fast a year can go! Introducing the latest mini-game: Block Break! And pets can now interact with den pet toys! 
Wild Explorers Tent (Cami's Tent on Animal Jam) has made its way to Play Wild in gorgeous 3D. 
You can access the Wild Explorers Tent at the top of Coral Canyons! Now moving on to my favourite part of this month's update: you can now preview clothing items!
Try on items via the preview button in Jam Mart Clothing. You'll be taken to this fancy showroom where you can easily change items and colours. The mirror is such a creative touch!
And finally be sure to keep an eye out for spiked wristbands on Play Wild! That's it for this month's Play Wild update, happy jamming!!

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