Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spirit Artwork #38

You lounge under the shade of one of the many rocky outcroppings in Kimbara, gazing at the light dancing and flickering between the two gurgling pillars of water. You watch as the water descends neatly into the cracks and crevices in the rock below, your eye following the path of the still-sparkling light that frolics on the moving surface. Your gaze then alights on an object to the side, shrouded in shadow. You emerge to investigate; it appears to be some sort of journal filled with illustrations...

We start with some wondrous artwork by penn_quenn of the comment section. It's absolutely gorgeous; the linework is so delicate and neat.

Here we have some artwork by ιѕиυffуу of the comment section! I especially like the majestic pose you gave your Lapis Lazuli phantom.

These pieces were brought to us by disqus commenter Athena Bassett. The colors in the last pieces are absolutely whimsical. I enjoy how vivid they are.

This adorable bunch of artwork was submitted by birdy12447. Filled with vibrant yet natural colors, these pieces are simply delightful!

This artwork was submitted by crazycoolcats. One can see the detailed attention she put into lighting and shading each character.

Last but not least, this assortment of artwork was sent in Thatoldbarnxx, who runs the Artistic Animal Jam blog. You have a fun and quirky style!

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