Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Aquarium Den, Tierney's Aquarium, Plus Night of the Phantoms Teaser

Hey jammers! AJ - Play Wild had a minor update yesterday adding an all-new interactive den, a new area off Crystal Sands, and a teaser. Here is the first page of Jamaa Journal Vol 026.
This beautifully detailed new aquarium den is available from the Sapphire Shop! Not only does this den come with gorgeous views, you can fill it with all sorts of marine animals and watch them swim around in the comfort of your own den!

Moving on to page two, Tierney's Aquarium is now available to visit on mobile in 3D off Crystal Sands. Beautiful graphics!
You can also watch Tierney's videos inside the theatre too! In celebration of a new den arrival there is a brand new JAG. Perfect for inviting your friends to your aquarium den!
Over in the Sapphire Shop we also have a new armor outfit set: introducing the samurai master outfit!
And lastly the last page of the Jamaa Journal hints Jamaa's silly October celebration, Night of the Phantoms, will soon begin! Plus a reminder about AJ's classic game Pill Bugs.  
Are you ready for Night of the Phantoms? Happy jamming everyone.

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