Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crystal Sand Mystery Bottles + Toucans?

Hey jammers! Vol. 184 of the Jamaa Journal has been released with a minor update to the world map. Firstly, we have a little event going on at Crystal Sands which may lead to a new adventure or possibly a new land. 
What do you think? Keep checking out Crystal Sands to see if you can find a mystery bottle and collect an item. Next up, there are now rare pet phantoms being sold at Jamaa Township!
Click the pet icon to purchase! 
Due to popular demand, the masterpiece party can now be accessible at any time from the party menu list. Now we don't have to wait ages to check out Jamaa's best art!
Neat! A new animal is also about to call the land of Jamaa home, and this time AJHQ decided to hint their arrival via animal name options. I'm thinking toucans, any other thoughts?
Perhaps a non member flying animal at least? We'll have to wait and see what AJHQ have in store for us. And lastly a new Sketch Jam has been added and Night of the Phantom festivities are leaving.
You can watch the latest Sketch Jam at Peck's Art Studio featuring AJHQ's talented artist.
The world map has also been updated slightly!
Eventually, everyone will get used to the change. Look on the bright side this update makes way for new lands and map categories which means there is a chance AJHQ are planning a new land!
Happy jamming!

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