Thursday, October 13, 2016

Polar Bears Return, Masterpiece Party, and Spooky Pets

Hey jammers! When I signed into Animal Jam today I expected to see a Night of the Phantoms themed update, unfortunately, I was wrong. Polar bears have returned to Jamaa, yay? 
In my opinion AJHQ should've returned the polar bears during the Feast of Thanks next month, not in the middle of October. Next up, a masterpiece gallery party!
The masterpiece feature has to be one of the best updates AJHQ has introduced to the game, however, this ruins it for me. Pet Tarantulas have returned just in time for Halloween at the diamond shop!
The Spooky Party is also back with a Halloween classic, pet bats!
Purchase an AJ retail gift card to receive an arctic fox and bundle set! I find this part of the update a bit greedy, arctic foxes only just began their travels and now AJHQ wants more money out of us to get one.
Arctic foxes are pretty neat animals, but is this deal worth it? No, not at all in my opinion. You might as well be patient and wait for arctic foxes to return instead of blowing all your money on a retail gift card. 
And lastly, be sure to check out the Life At The Poles exhibit at the Conversation Museum, again another returning feature from earlier this year. Happy jamming!

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