Saturday, February 4, 2017

Heart Table + New Friendship Frame

Hey jammers! Today's item return is the Heart Table being sold as usual at your local Jam Mart Furniture shop!
Over in Jam Mart Clothing, today we also have the returning Heart Wand! Both come in a variety of colours and are only available to purchase during the friendship festival season.
At Peck's Paint Studio a pretty masterpiece frame friendship/rose frame has been added! Perfect for all your friendship paintings this valentine's season or all year round!
Speaking of the friendship festival happenings and masterpieces, on The Daily Explorer this week's diamond challenge is asking jammers to create friendship artwork!
Click here to find out how 5 lucky jammers can win 5 diamonds each!
A new episode of Wild Explorers is out, all about falcons and cheetahs.
That's it for today, happy jamming everybody!
PS. Enter ''BYMYBUDDY'' when you next login for a gem bonus.

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