Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pet Jamaa Township Township & Friendship Party 2017

Hey jammers! Today's item return is the Heart Earmuffs, being sold this year at Shiveer Shoppe!
Plus, with the beautiful friendship cottage returning yesterday comes a new epic den showroom. AJHQ have again been sneaky and hid a SECRET item!
The Pet Jamaa Township: showcasing the beautiful 5 seasons of Jamaa! Purchasable via the secret epic den shop by clicking on the Pet Jamaa Township item (3rd floor).
At the diamond shop, we also have two new adventure soundtrack music: Special Delivery and the much anticipated New Year's Fortune den music!
This year's Friendship Festival is now on our party menus...
No new items yet like last year, but the classic friendship festival items have returned. Quite a disappointment. 
See you in Jamaa!

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