Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jamaa Games: Super Sort

Hey Jammers! Today I'd like to feature one of my favorite games: Super Sort. It's really fun and addicting, and a great way to earn gems!
You can find Super Sort in Sarepia Forest, near Mira's fire ring. It's easy to spot with the recycling bin!
There are three settings, how far can you get in each one? Tell us about your record! I always have tons of fun seeing how far I can get in the hard settings. Another reason to play is the interesting Fun Facts that are given after you finish a level!
Try out Super Sort, It's an awesome way to earn gems in Jamaa! Happy jamming!


  1. What level is the best level to play on?

  2. @hollyjolly199916
    I have the most fun on the hard setting!

  3. i like the hard level too. you have to switch it back and forth and back and forth! its a really fun game. =)


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