Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Den Boundaries

If you hadn't already noticed, the boundaries and exits of the dens have changed.  Now you can't exit the den as you used to, and so those areas open up to use!
You can sit in doorways!
And play in the ocean!

Have tons of fun with your adventures in Jamaa!

Note: Please look at comments for my message to you blog fans of Jamaa!


  1. @Jammers
    I'd like you all to know that my snowyclaw account is entirely full on buddies. :( I wish I could friend you all! If you'd like to see me from time to time you can friend my snowyclaw1 account. It's mainly just for storage, but I won't turn down any friend request sent there!

    Meanwhile, I'm not sure if I said thank you to my amazing blog fans out there. You make this thing possible!

    Also, thank you luna66 and meowmeow0 for the gifts a while back! And also to triple333 who sent me a ton of plushies. Thank you! I add them to my colored stuffie collection, once it's complete I'll put it on display in my storage den. :)

    See you in Jamaa everyone! Keep jamming!

  2. Thank you for posting this Snowy I would have had no clue! I thought that I couldn't leave my den! And that aj had a new glitch!!

  3. SNOWY PLZ COME TO MY DEN! It's epic but barly has any BIG hits. MARYP7


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