Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Items

The update came earlier than usual jammers! Tons of new things are here today, head over to Jamaa to find out! Here are the new items:
In the Township...
In the furniture shop...
And now, as seen in the Jamaa Journal, you can change colors for some kinds of furniture! :D
Although it's for members only
I bet. :(
Some colors can't be changed.

New flags in Sarepia flag shop...

New arcade game: Twister!
New statue: the shaman's name is Cornelius!
And new croc stuff and bushes in Appondale!

What other new items are up for shopping around Jamaa? Next post will be about the new animal and pet!

Note: Don't forget to answer the AJ Ponder below this post.


  1. Color changing never used to be members only. Sadly they changed that in the summer of 2011 around when I first started playing. I know that color changing wasn't just for members because my brother played animal jam before I did. I actually leaned about animal jam from my little brother.


  2. wow old post, so little comments


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