Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Items

Hey jammers! I'm on a slow laptop at the moment, so it's hard to post much. But here's the update we've been waiting for! The new update! Here are the new items that I have found, if you want the clearance items go to the Snowyclaw mini blog, and if you want another look at the new (or old) newspapers go to the Archive mini blog.
Bushes in Appondale...
More rares brought back in the Township...
A laptop?! in the Township...
New arcade game...
New flags in Sarepia...
 Tons of new items are everywhere in Jamaa! More new things will be posted in just a moment, enjoy spending gems!


  1. Yay! First comment!

    I am AWESOMED! I'm goin' to by it.


  2. <3 your blog snowyclaw!


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