Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heart Eye Patch

Hey there jammers, another item is here. Woohoo. Forgive my sarcasm, it's tough looking for these items so often. Again, it is a members item, and is located in Bahari Bargains.
And next, a random tidbit I re-found. ^.^ Did you know you can change the temperature of your cocoa in the Hot Cocoa Hut? I had totally forgotten! Just click the lever before pouring your cocoa. Poof! Random, but a funny little fact to play around with.
I'm sure most of you already knew that. Meanwhile, I was scanning google images for more photos to add to my Archives mini blog and I found an interesting picture.
Whoah! I had rejoined AJ right after the first Jamaalidays, so I never saw this. Either that or I forgot about it, who knows. Anyway, it's an interesting early idea of both daily gifts and daily gems. I do wish AJHQ still incorporated Jamaasian lore into AJ life. More shaman visits and things like that.

And on a more boring note, I finally figured out that on some (or all) windows computers this text looks really bad! Would you guys like me to change it? I love this font, but I'm willing to change it if it'd be easier to read. Opinions needed!


  1. I remember that Mira thing! Those Jamaalidays were the best to me. But a lot has changed over the last two years. For instance there was no trading system (many people got scammed), we didn't have achievements (not that I can remember), We didn't have The Jammers Journey, but those are the bad things and sort of bad things. The good things are that everyone got to receive gifts (which lead to scamming), Most of the rares now weren't so rare back then, and many more! I like the old days because, most of my good friends were on but now Most of them are gone or they quit. =C Also, why doesn't it let me do open ID?


  2. Change the text?Whts wrong wit it?I like it.It's not hard for me to read.Little tip,highlight the words and you can see them better peeps who are havein' a hard time seein' the words it might not work tho but give it a try.

  3. no problem with font....

  4. i like ur blog just how it is nowyclaw. also i noticed something at the freindship party. a seal called king spiritninja was sitting on the purple chest!do you know how to do that if you do plz post it snowyclaw thanks!

  5. Geckoguy (not singed)February 8, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    You got 100 free gems every day in December 2010- I started playing in November 2010.

  6. snowyclaw,remember me,cooooolguy?i got hacked.:'(

    1. Um I have a buddy named cool guy........

  7. No I can read it very fine and I would like to see more shamans too and Guides.

  8. I can read your text but the one i can read easiest is the 'Coming Soon' on blogger but on paint it like almost exactly the same ('Comic Sans MS') :3 :)

  9. I think its easy to read the text. i have windows
    i didn't see that mira thing, i must have not gone so often... there are periods of time when i can't go on computer for months... like when i have summer camp, especially "residential" (but i enjoy summer camp, and its fun since usually theres not much to do) but i missed that. i was at aj since beta
    yeah i liked the old times, even though now it has all these new things... it was nicer, and kinder in jamaa back then.
    also, i would like more of that shaman stuff. even if they posted stories and stuff about shamans. like jamaa culture

  10. @lucykate651
    I'm pretty sure there was achievements when AJ started. I remember when i started (during beta, i'm not sure if they removed it and then brought it back when aj finished testing) Liza the panda shaman told me to change colors and then i got the Color me Rad achievement for changing the colors for the first time
    but then i didn't earn any achievements for a while since I didn't know what i needed to do (but now they have the list up of all the possible achievements)

  11. I joined only in September of 2011. So I don't know much about the old Mira gifts and what-not.

    But, I think AJ needs to SERIOUSLY start treating non-members better. Seriously? They get.. Pirate eye-patches. We get.. Plain mats, ugly clothes, and other terrible things.... :'(

  12. The text looks fine to me, maybe it's because on bigger or smaller computers the text is bend out of shape?

  13. @Snowy
    Cool, I love how you can make the cocoa; cold, warm, or hot. Very nice feature. Also, the Latvia flag came out today in the Flag Shop! :D

  14. I joined right after holloween ( i don't do a lot of holladays.....)
    so i never saw that mira thing....
    but somebody said if you talk to mira (like, i like your fethers, mira) it gave you something like that. i tried, but nothing happened.... :/

  15. @MissFlo
    I think that they(as in they AJ HQ)stoped doing that.I saw tht gifts from Mira thing but I think that after a few jammers did that AJ HQ had it tooken away.But I could be wrong.


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