Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Penguins are Members Only

I am deeply sorry nonmembers, AJHQ has just announced that penguins are member only animals. Penguins are coming out in this update (which is occurring at this very moment). Here is AJHQ's post about these cute (exclusive) Jamaasian animals.
Animal Jam is offline ... who's excited for the update?


  1. Me im excited! but im a nonmember :( but that is okay I'll just look at the penguins :D

  2. Don't worry they r nonmember

  3. the penguins were just for members now they are for non-members and members.

  4. I love my pengwen he looks really cool

    Man6060(Who is also member

  5. i need a magenta furry hat
    for a black short spike that is


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