Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Items

Hey there jammers, I'm here with all the newest items that have come to Jamaa. Soon after I'll post about all the cool new things you can find around Animal Jam!

Jam Mart Clothing...
Purple color is selling!
Heart capes are back in stores!

Jam Mar Furniture...
Don't recall the pink sofa last update...
Sol Arcade...
Flag Shop...
Bahari Bargains...
Music Shop...
Letter Box...

Not many new items, but check out the New Items article in the Jamaa Journal or in the next post, tons more will be happening in shops, be observant and keep your eyes out for rares!

New: Clearance items on the Items mini blog!


  1. Woot woot!!!!! heart capes, lockets! Not much but really rare items!!!!!! I had my hopes up for beta freedom top hats though lol.

  2. @snowy,
    games for members were avaible at temple of knowage in zios! they just moved them.

  3. Koalabieber you hacked my beta mask how could you

  4. Snowy i got a red black yellow orange blue purple and green lockets

  5. I'm reading this in the distant future. Or maybe just a year after. Would one year after be counted as the distant future? You tell me, people.

  6. i'm bored

    -goldie10123y6 lol

  7. I'm back... from the future! You are right Snowy... AJS is a timeline. It is pretty amazing actually. I remember when the purple elf bracelets didn't come back. I was so happy because my pair was still rare. Good memories...

  8. from the future!


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