Friday, December 18, 2015

Jammer Parties, Pet Penguins & New Year Party

Hey jammers! Yesterday AJHQ most likely ran into some pesky bugs with the update. Was the waiting worth it? No, not in my opinion. Firstly, let's start with today's returning item the Jamaaliday Mailbox, sold in Jam Mart Furniture!
Let's get to this week's party themed update: members can now host their own parties which of course costs diamonds. I'm sorry, but is this feature necessary? It has totally ruined our party menu. 1st page of Jamaa Journal has reused art, once again.
Click ''Host Your Own Party'' on your party menu to create your own party which will show up on the party list! Don't worry, you can still access Jamaa's normal parties!  Members can choose a theme for their party and name, costing one diamond only! Exciting? Fun? Have a go for yourself.
In each party, there are items on sale, returning and new!! Guess what? A few beta items have returned! Some jammers will be angry and some will be happy, AJHQ can't please everyone. Yay or nay? There are more aspects to AJ than rares, right? I'm so happy!!
Say adiĆ³s to Jamaa's event calendar, it has been replaced with more Play Wild advertising. AJHQ obviously created this so they don't have to bother bringing out a new event calendar. 
On the plus side, Pet Penguins have arrived in the Diamond Shop just in time for the winter holidays! These adorable little pets can explore the beautiful lands and oceans of Jamaa!
Not that exciting, we get pets often now. Next, keep an eye out for the New Year's Party! 2015 is coming to a close, hasn't it gone so fast? I personally don't think 2015 has been Jamaa's best year.
Pretty fireworks and lovely items are on sale at the party, it's not to be missed! 300 million presents? Wowsers! Moving on, make sure you keep checking Jamaa's shops for Jamaaliday items! Don't forget to log in daily for gifts! 
The polar bear gift set offer is coming to and end! If you'd like to collect three winter items, a polar bear with its own animal name, grab an AJ retail gift card! They're perfect for a holiday gift!
With the New Year's Party comes new JAGs!
Over in Jam Mart Clothing we have the new Jamaaliday Cape and returning classic Reindeer Mask! 
Happy Jamaalidays!!

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