Monday, December 14, 2015

Rare Reindeer Slippers, Pinecone Necklace + Bow And Arrows

Hey jammers! The Rare Reindeer Slippers are this week's contribution to Rare Item Monday! Sold on the third page of Shiveer Shoppe, today only. 
Keep your paws toasty and snug this season with these cute slippers! Reindeer Slippers first came out in Jam Mart Clothing on 16th of December 2014, and since then have become a returning item for the Jamaalidays. Purchase the original version in Shiveer Shoppe! ^-^
Wonderful news, today's daily gift is what we've been waiting for: Bow And Arrows!! One of the most thrilling gifts of the Jamaaliday gift season! What color did you get? Pet Turkeys are making an escape from the Diamond Shop...
Three days left to grab these little guys before they're gone until next Thanksgiving! Also leaving the Diamond Shop is the Mystical Armor!
Thank you to CosmicCheetahAJ for informing me. ^.^ And the Pinecone Necklace returns to Jam Mart Clothing!
 To wrap up today's post, here is the latest news article from the Daily Explorer...
All Jamaaliday RIMs will most likely be the same color (red and green), I hope AJHQ, at least, try to change their color scheme. Happy jamming everyone!

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