Monday, December 21, 2015

Rare Candy Cane Socks + Jamaaliday Bird Feeder

Hey jammers! The Rare Candy Cane Socks are this week's contribution to Rare Item Monday! Pick up your pair on the 5th page of Jam Mart Clothing, today only.
You'd be glad to hear that this week's RIM is for all jammers!! Over in Jam Mart Furniture, we have the returning Jamaaliday Bird Feeder.
And today's daily gift is the returning Candy Cane Tie!
Ocean Best Dressed is on double gems! Start saving up all your shiny gems for the new year, can you believe 2016 is almost here?
In Epic Wonders (blue orb) the Epic Steampunk Contraption is making an escape. If you're a lover of the steampunk den set sold in Outback Imports, you'll certainly adore this item!
To wrap up today's post, check out the adorable holiday gift cards from the Daily Explorer! If you plan on giving gifts this season, these festive gift tags will come in handy. (Click here to download)
Happy jamming all ^-^

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