Sunday, January 8, 2017

Frozen Bush, Missing Ostriches, Series 2 Toys?

Hey jammers! Today's daily item is the returning Frozen Bush being sold at Jam Mart Furniture for the winter season.
Pretty decoration for winter den decorating. What better way to start winter decorating with the returning snow fort den? Speaking of winter, I spotted a new winter Animal Jam advert yesterday.
And not forgetting Jamaa's flying animals. 
Nice to see AJHQ acknowledging both flying and land animals on their latest advertisements. Do you think these will pull in new jammers? 
Now we seem to have a missing ostrich here. Do you remember the 2016 new animal poll? Well, we got falcons and sloth in 2016, but the beautiful ostriches haven't arrived yet after a whole year. I guess (hopefully) ostriches will arrive this year. Patience is the key in life.
Today's clearance items are all the Jamaaliday den items on sale at Jam Mart Furniture. Make sure you purchase your favourites before they're gone until next December!
To wrap up today's post thanks Graypawcat for sharing this on the Animal Jam Google+ community. It looks like Animal Jam has plans for more animal toy figures! 
I'd love to see elephants, crocs, and more of Animal Jam's classic animals included, what about you? Happy jamming!

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