Saturday, January 28, 2017

Heart Boots + 1,000 Den INVENTORY SLOTS For Members

Hey jammers! Today brings us another returning item at Jam Mart Clothing, the Heats Boots, previously sold at Shiveer Shoppe during 2015's friendship festival!
Snowyclaw and the other jammer ambassadors have shared this UPDATE SPOILER ALERT on Instagram which will please den decorators and item hoarders...

Our inventory den slot limit is finally being increased to 1,000 slots! This will be a member only improvement, unfortunately, but I'm positive HQ have many things planned for non-members this year which has already kicked off well.
Meanwhile, on The Daily Explorer, we have the usual weekend diamond challenge! This week's topic asks us to design our own animal armor at Peck's Paint Studio.
Click here to read more 
Perhaps our armor creations will actually end up being sold at the diamond shop? Over at Gabby's Animal Hospital a new educational video has been released. 
And lastly, make sure you grab these plants from Treetop Gardens before they escape in 4 days.
Happy jamming everybody!

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