Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sheep Arrive In Jamaa + Year of the Rooster

Hey jammers! After months of crazy theories, sheep have made their debut in Jamaa with a fresh new update!
These tiny new additions to Jamaa can be purchased at the diamond shop for 10 diamonds. Now, I don't necessary think farm animals fit in with Animal Jam's style, but we'll see how things go.
The sheep's animal model seems sloppy and poorly designed. Here is their dance, sleep, hop, and play animations!
Their legs could do with a little bit of work, they sorta look like wooden legs to me, but apart from that their play animation is adorable!
Sheep seem to have no new Chamber of Knowledge minibook, perhaps HQ plan to add a sheep minibook in a later update. This update also brings Pet Roosters at the diamond shop!
Pet Roosters are available for all jammers and you'll need to adopt a Pet Rooster to enter the traditional Chinese New Year Party where you'll find beautiful new rooster themed items for 2017.
I love the lanterns and rooster screen, kudos to HQ's artists! While the gorgeous Chinese New Party returns for Year of the Rooster, we have a New Year's Fortune public adventure!
Certainly seems Chinese New Year will become a Jamaa tradition. The new adventure has many gorgeous Chinese New Year themed items to collect and features many Chinese-styled buildings.
I haven't myself had a chance to play the adventure, but it seems pretty simple to get around unlike other public adventures. Here are the first two prizes I got;
Feel free to send your adventure prizes to Next up, we have the returning friendship armor at the diamond shop in preparation for Jamaa's friendship festival!
What do you think of the new sheep? That's it for this week's update, happy jamming!

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