Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horses and New Activities

Hey jammers! Look at all the new things to do in Jamaa, I can hardly capture them all in one simple post, but I will certainly try! First of all (and most simple), the AJ calender and art collection has been updated.
There is a new double gems game, Pill Bugs!
There is now a contest for best-designed flags which will be sold in the Flag Shop! Here is the Journal article.
To submit your flag go to the Jamaa Township announcement board and select "Submit you Work."
Meanwhile, there is a new buddy game, Scooped!
It's tons of fun, make sure you and your buddies give it a try! There is also a new pet coming to Jamaa, I'll be playing around with the picture to find any plausible shapes.
Meanwhile, horses are here! Sadly, they a member only (I'm getting tired of all these member animals), but they're still fun and cool looking! Here is the Journal...
There are so many fun outfits to choose from! At the moment I am a moose, what are you guys dressed as?
Sadly, the herds and exclusions have already begun, please remember guys, not everyone can buy a horse!
Plus, although the Jamaaliday Jam parties are over, there are now New Year's parties! Have you guys been to one yet?
It's very similar to the Jamaaliday party, even the same shop!
 You can grab some fireworks by clicking the fire...
What do you think of the update guys? Is it everything you expected or hoped for? And what did I miss? Not much posting time, sorry! Happy jamming, see you later jammers!

Note: Clearance items are on the Items mini-blog!


  1. to walk on walls change animals really fast and then click its the same with the sky walk thing but a lot faster you have to do it at the same time hoped i helped people that won't tell are just mean and i can report

  2. I created Blackjack from Percy Jackson series, so far, no one knows who I am. xD

  3. Is it possible to send you pictures?

  4. Sorry I haven't been on ages, guys! I've been caught up in the holiday rush and haven't had time for Animal Jam. I probably won't be on as often, since new things have caught my interest, but I'll try to stay on here to help out if I can.


  5. @Mythical Sunnymoon
    It is possible to send snowy pictures but you will have to attach a file to an email then send it to snowy.

  6. Right now the new updates are always boring for me not to be rude I'v been on AJ for 2 years...

    P.S. I know how to do two glitches

  7. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 5, 2012 at 6:15 PM

    yah so thanks for that update.

    i hate that nonmembers dont get horses so i became the family horse of a whole family of nonmembers!!!!

    i cant find very many "cute" looks for horses but im digging the giraffe look.

  8. i'm a unicorn and pegasus together

  9. The horses look rather long-necked, don't you think?
    Also, I like the new game... I love ice cream!

    I think that AJ made the Anemone Head Bows member again (I'm a non-member). I looked at someone's trade list and there were the member locks on them. Then I looked at my Head Bow (Pink) and it was member too!!!!!!!! :(

  10. Oh dear, I missed the gifts. :P


  11. woo-hoo! new times 2! (by the way,Ajammer is (lyssie6329)

  12. they changed the sea ananomes again.. non member now...

  13. wow... only 12 comments... now 13!

  14. 14 btw i love this post even though this was a year ago xD

  15. wolves( this is a list of random animals )


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