Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pet and Water Park Skyways

Hey jammers, I have more free time today than I thought, so I'm posting two more, and more if I find some. Be sure to tell me any more you'd like me to post about!

founder - trickertreee
Start about here in the Pet Shop.
Click by the pet food.
You need to do the sameswitch
near the root of the tree.
To sameswitch-
click "switch animals"
Click the same animal.
Click on the trunk, to the
left of the butterfly.
If it doesn't work you can
also try it in the other direction,
meaning, starting at the bowls
and click near the door.

founder - snowyclaw
Start around here in the slide den.
Click near the base of the ladders.
While you are running, sameswitch
(as explained above) and then switch
into another animal quickly. This is
pretty hard and takes tons of practice.
Click under the deck a few times.
You might have to adjust these
instructions, this glitch is a tad
If you do it right you can now
walk through the air
of the Water Park den!
Hope you liked them, jammers! Happy jamming, and don't forget about the update tomorrow! Get all your items.

New: More artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog (wolfgirl9643)!


  1. Wow! Is there not any glitch you DONT know!
    You ARE amazing! Please tell the REST you know

  2. hi snowy,
    you are like amazing see you in jamaa!

  3. by the way my user is coolaidtiger!!

  4. dear snowyclaw,i love your blog but can you please post more about jamaasians?

  5. Thank you Snowy, you are a lot of help with me and my glitches! ^.^ SYIJ (See you in Jamaa)!
    *Tc*----(TheCrystal)----Crystal Snow

  6. awesome!!! thanks you snowyclaw!!!! lol :3


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