Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lab and Juice Hut Skyways

Hey jammers, so many glitches, so I'm posting two more!

Juice Hut
founder - snowyclaw
Start here, behind juice bar.
Click on the song player (yellow)
on the other side of the counter.
Complete the sameswitch
in this general area.
Sameswitch -
click "switch animals"
Click the same animal.
Click the shelf boards beneath
the fruit at the juice bar.
Now you can run around a bit!

founder - witchhatbunny
Start about here in Brady Bar's Lab.
Click on the other side of the table
(near the lamp).
When rounding the table to the sameswitch
(as explained in the above glitch).
Click near the rubber foot
(somewhere not movies on the table). 
Now you can see more of the Lab!
Hope you liked the glitches, I'll post more soon!


  1. I think that's really cool Snowyclaw! Now I can expand my knowledge on glitches! Also... What's your favorite glitch? I like them all!


    P.S First comment... =3
    P.S.S It wouldn't let me use my Wordpress account so I have stay anonymous. :(

  2. hey snowyclaw i learned the juice hut a different way keepp up the great work on this blog!

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  4. Cool! I need to go the juice hut, and try it out tonight. Btw, updates are tomarow!

  5. @reds565
    I'm sure tons of others found out about this glitch before me, I'm simply telling who informed me about it. What I'm saying is I discovered it on my own. Is that alright?

  6. I wonder if there's a sky glitch for the non member den. :D
    My favorite sky glitch is the temple of Zios one, there's lots of exploring.

  7. Ummm this is competely off topic but can i send in some more artwork? or do u not want me to? ~Snowmagic

  8. Hi thanks for posting all these glitches! YOU ROCK!

    I was wondering if you knew the clothing and furiture shop glitches because i saw people on the walls in those places!!! THANKS FOR TELLING US THE GLITCHES YOU HAVE!

    P.S. could you post more of the glitches you know???

  9. I was wondering if you know any glitches that most people dont know about that well.

  10. I was wondering a bit and is there a glitch for the shack in sarepia?

  11. Snowy your leg is stuck under the rubber foot XD

  12. @Snowmagic
    Of course! Send in any artwork, any time!

  13. I didn't get to do that glitch yet but I wish they hadn't got rid of those glitches. :(

  14. Ugh same switch glitches don't work anymore so I will have to find a new way!!!-pirate151

  15. Can u make more cool stuff. I luv ur blog.

    ~♡tiger girl 14725 and foxluv14725

    P.S add me on AJ.

  16. Oh meh goshz meh sis added meh there and ugh but those words r true

  17. non of ur skyways work :I


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