Monday, July 9, 2012

Rare Butterfly Glasses

Hey jammers! The "rare" items released on accident late last Monday (when the update came early) are for sale once again. You can buy yours on the seventh page in Jam Mart Clothing.
And now for our weekly mystery. . . This one is going to need some hard thinking, it dwells on Jamaa's ancient past. . .
This tapestry hangs in the Temple of Zios. What does it illustrate? What story does it tell? And where did that funny looking phantom-in-a-jar come from? What's its story?

I may feature really creative stories in a later post. . . What do you guys think of this idea? Comment with stories and opinions if you have the time! Happy jamming. :)

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  1. Its weird they're back, it might've been a glitch. Anyway creative stories.....I like the idea and maybe sonething anout shamans. And with the phantom in a jar, you can see Mira on the tapestry, so maybe Mira was so angry with the phantoms for being in Jamaa that she caged one up.

    1. Mira Against the Phantoms
      by ducier (me)

      One hot summer day, Mira was flying along a beautiful sparkling stream looking for food. From so much flying she was now thirsty as well as hungry. Mira flew down and dipped her beak in the cool water. Suddenly she spotted a fish flipping around in the water. "What a tasty meal that would make!" Mira thought aloud. She strode through the water on her long, stilt-like legs. As she advanced closer, she noticed that the fish was now floating limply on the surface of the water. Mira didn't take a sniff at it. Food was food and she was starving. She failed to notice the one phantom sneaking up behind her with a few of his friends, holding a net. Just as Mira leaned down to grasp the fish, the phantom and his friends threw the net over the now-struggling bird, tied it at the bottom, and dragged her home. A few other phantoms emerged from the trees surrounding the creek. Mira squawked, terrified as the phantoms towed her away. One phantom stayed behind and squeezed one of his legs/tentacles over the stream. A small drop of black oozed out of his leg/tentacle and instantly dropped into the stream. Slowly but surely the stream began to blacken, no longer sparkling or shining. It was now a mark of the phantoms' great victory, and they would make sure every animal saw it.
      Back at the phantom king's castle Mira was struggling before the cruel king. "We have captured the goddess Mira, Your Majesty," one of the phantoms told his king. "Good, good," the king said. "Take her to the dungeons and put her in our smallest and double-locked cell we have!" The phantoms obeyed and a particularly large one stepped out of the crowd of squirming phantoms and began to haul Mira away. Several others floated over to him and began to push from behind.
      Later that night, when Mira had been thrown roughly into her cell she heard a soft dragging noise. She cocked her head and listened harder. There it was again! The creature that was making the noise showed itself. It was a small girl phantom! Mira narrowed her eyes at the small floating thing, but the girl phantom did not seem bothered. She tossed in a fish. Surprised, Mira asked, "Why are you doing this for me?" "Simple," the girl phantom replied. "I'm here to help you. Now eat up!" She snapped harshly. Mira began to peck and pluck at the fish. When she was done all she wanted to do was sleep, but according to the phantom, that was clearly not an option at the moment. The small phantom was now sticking a large, thick key into the locks. After a few odd moments, the cage door swung open. "Thanks," Mira breathed. "Now," began the girl phantom, "go down this hatch. -here she pulled a handle in the ground and gestured to a ladder leading down it-"It will lead you outside." With a flick of one of her short black tentacles she drifted soundlessly away.

    2. Mira Against the Phantoms (Part Two)
      by ducier (me)

      Might as well, thought Mira as she fluttered out of her cell and began to go down the cold, musty passageway. About an hour and a half later, Mira saw a teensy tiny sliver of light, and with that, came a glimmer of hope. She hop-walked towards it, went up a small ladder and pried open another hatch. She poked her head out and wished she had not. For there, floating less than 10 feet away was the phantom king. Mira froze. Traitor, she thought in her head. The same large phantom flew over to her and yanked the rest of her out of the hatch. Mira trembled with terror. She searched the crowd of phantoms for the girl that had helped her. She spotted her in the back, snickering happily and evilly. The burly phantom turned the other way to his king for directions. While he wasn't completely paying attention, Mira beat her wings rapidly, sending golden sparks flying everywhere as she sailed out of the phantom's grasp. "She's getting away!" screamed a phantom from below her. As Mira flew towards the high roof of the evil creatures' castle she noticed the girl phantom that had helped her was no longer laughing. She was narrowing her eyes angrily and jealously. Mira narrowed her eyes back and smirked as if to say, "How do ya like that, traitor! Your little 'friend' is getting away!" Then suddenly overcome with blinding worry for the rest of the animals living nearby, she crashing through the roof, sending more golden sparks falling off her wings. She sailed past the river to a nearby forest and landing right in a meeting of all the animals of the forest. "Animal friends!" she called. "Come to the blackened river!" The animals obeyed and began scampering towards the phantom's victory river. She flew to all the places-the blustery mountains, the redrock canyons, the wild jungles, the sandy beaches, the yellow savannas and all the other places where the animals inhabited. She called the same call, telling them to meet at the blackened river.
      After Mira had been everywhere, she flew back towards the river, where all the animals were waiting. She was not too surprised to see the phantoms on the other rockier, more barren and rough side. Before Mira could raise a challenge to the phantom king leading the attack, he did it for her, "KILL THEM!" the king screeched. The animals charged into the river,their paws and claws turning soot-colored. Mira flew over, diving down on the phantom king screeching a battle cry.
      14 hours later......

      The king phantom reluctantly spat out a retreat cry as Mira grasped him by the throat, forcing him to tell his evil kingdom to retreat. The bloddied and bedraggled phantoms headed back to their castle, sending glances and stares of hate back at the animals. But Mira wasn't done. She flew over the river straight into the phantoms, and grabbed the small girl phantom with her talons. "You're coming with me," Mira hissed. The phantom struggled, but Mira held it firmly. "Return to your homes, fellow creatures," she told the other animals. "The battle is won." Mira thanked the animals for helping her fight the phantoms and then she sailed off back to her observatory. She pulled out an old plastic and glass cage that she had and stuffed the phantom in it. "This is for your treachery," Mira snapped angrily. To this day, the phantom still sits in Mira's long abandoned observatory, waiting for someone to let her free. A tapestry also hangs near it, to remind Mira of the terrible battle that happened at Blackened River.

      THE END.

      Hope you enjoyed!!!!

    3. i guess....but honestly i don't think...its a glitch but anyway you got a point

  2. ☼LuvMindlessBehavior☼July 9, 2012 at 1:40 AM

    ok snowy i read your story about Greely, the shaman focus one. since he studied Jamaa, i'm guessing he dissected a phantom, and the one in the jar is a model of all parts of a phantom. and the shaman focus story about Peck said she was a designer, so maybe she designed the tapestry to honor Mira. oh and i like the creative story post idea. here is mine about Captain Melville.

    ok here is my story. ok well Melville was a penguin (yes, he was just known as Melville). He lived at Mt. Shiveer. One day he decided to take a break from Mt. Shiveer and search for buried treasure. he and his 3 other penguin friends decided they should sail the oceans of Jamaa, searching for treasure. Mira gave them a blue ship. He called it the Jamaasian Blue (like the blue one in the toy boat pond), and he sailed all the oceans of Jamaa. He then became Captain Melville. One day, he fell asleep on his ship because he had a party and he got really tired. the rest of the crew was asleep too. no one was controlling the wheel and they crashed into a waterslide at Crystal Sands. They all woke up suprised. most of their ship was destroyed, and so was the waterslide. then they noticed a HUGE brown chest under the slide.
    "Yes! I think we have found the treasure!" yelled Captain Melville.
    "Then lets open the chest!" said his crew excitedly.
    They opened the chest, and saw a bunch of stuffed animals.
    "PLUSHIES?!?!?!" said his crew.
    "Wait, its not too bad, that gives me an idea!" exclaimed Captain Melville.
    Captain Melville made a the very first claw machine in Jamaa. He made it out of pieces from his destroyed ship.
    "You made a claw machine?! Out of pieces from the ship?! We thought we were going to repair it!" screamed his crew.
    "Yes, but we don't really need the ship anymore." said Captain Melville.
    And so he built a hut out of other pieces from the ship. He even built a stage and counter. He placed the claw machine in the hut too. He found some bananas, strawberries, grapes, and oranges at crystal sands and decided to make a smoothie machine. His crew was VERY impressed with his work.
    "WOW!!!" they exclaimed. "This is AMAZING!!! We're sorry we yelled at you for not fixing the ship. But you were right, we didn't even need the ship, after you have built this juice hut!"
    "It's fine. Now the jammers can enjoy a new place!" said Captain Melville.
    "Exactly!" said the crew. "And to thank you for all you have done, we are naming the juice hut Captain Melville's Juice Hut!"
    Ever since then, lots of jammers have enjoyed the juice hut by performing concerts, playing the claw game, or getting a smoothie. But now, no one knows where Captain Melville is, perhaps he has returned to Mt. Shiveer, living behind the closed off cave.


    1. thlat was an awesome and inspiringstory do u mind if i put it onmu my blog AJ super starr ill give u all the credot.


    2. ☼LuvMindlessBehavior☼July 9, 2012 at 1:20 PM

      sure! thanks! :D

    3. awesome story! Luv the ending.

    4. that story is awesome

  3. Is that true? If it is, How do you know that?

  4. :D Fourth comment. Oh, here is a medium-short story:
    Phantoms overran Jamaa. Jammers were hiding, with little luck of surviving. But only one animal stood up to the phantoms. Mira. She encouraged other Jammers to fight back, to get their land back. A war began. The war took place all over Jamaa. Phantoms and Jammers made war camps. It lasted for 2 years. finally, the phantoms gave up and returned to who-knows-where. Jammers everywhere were very tired. Medicine animals and shamans (which also means "medicine man", in this case, "medicine animal") worked overtime trying to revive the wounded. Mira stood next to one of the kidnapped phantoms in a jar. It was desperately trying to zap the glass, but no luck. It only made a thicker layer of glass on the cage. Some of the talented weavers noticed Mira, and decided to make a tapestry to remember the war and the victory of the animals. After 7 days, the tapestry was finished and hung up in the Chamber of Mysteries, the future only-really-really-Jamaasian place.
    Ok, the story is done. That reminds me.... I think the new war items in stores are really Jamaasian after all. They came from our ancestors when they were fighting the war.

  5. The Tapestry
    (Before you read this story go check out the story of 'the armor of power' that I had posted up on one of the earlier Monday mystery stories.)

    Ever since Greely joined the shamans after the battle with the armor or powers, he was known to be the strongest of all the shamans. Everyone worshiped him, as if he was the new god of all of Jamma. The other shamans started to get jealous of his fame, and his blood brother, Sir. Gilbert was the one who was jealous of him the most. The tiger shaman secretly cursed in anger, how dare his blood brother become more famous then him? How dare he became the most famous shaman then all of the others? He was not strong! He was not creative! He only kept things to himself and never talked to anyone! He was not as charming as himself! What did he had that made everyone think he was better then him? The tiger did not speak but grumbled in silence, until he felt a sudden strong breeze going through his clean fur, he knew what was going on. Mira was going to visit them once again.
    The shamans had all gathered around in the temple of Mira, which was in the center of Jamma township. and Mira was before them. Mira visited the shamans each six months, she would choose one of the shamans as the top shaman for the six months. Gilbert grumbled, he had the feeling that Mira would be choosing his blood brother once again. And his heart grew colder and colder as he thought about it. And soon enough to Gilbert's anger his brother was chosen as top shaman once again! This as been five years in a row that Greely has been top shaman! He couldn't stand watching his scrawny brother bowing towards Mira and with the blue goddess smiling with pride towards the wolf shaman. That should have been me! Gilbert hissed with furry, all the shamans looked at him with shock, but the great warrior did not care and charged out from the temple.
    again."Gilbert did not care if he had to be a good example to all the other tigers and animals in Jamma. All he wanted was the fame and pride that he wanted to feel so long ago! He had enough of this now! He hated himself for everything, he hated himself for being a blood brother to Greely and accepting him to the shamans! He growled as he ran towards the temple of Zois, it was getting very dark and he sneered. If he wanted to feel pride and fame once again he was going to have to KILL his own brother to do so.

  6. (continued)
    The tiger hissed in disgust as he walked into the temples, there was terrible scents everywhere and these walls gave him terrible and frightening memories when he and the others were hiding from the phantoms. This exact place was where he had meet his brother and this was the exact place that they had decided to be blood brothers. He shook his head, he was just stupid back then. He came to a halt stop as he finally noticed a wall in front of him. He was surrounded with disgusting stuffed phantoms that the wolf had stuffed to decorate the temples, before him was the ancient tapestry. He remembered how all the shamans made it together, to remember how Greely came at the darkest time and made the armor of power. "Dark magic..." He muttered to himself, "The others were right...he's nothing but an evil magician who's working for the phantoms..." The candle lights cast mysterious shadows around him and slowly, one by one, the candle lights were turned off. The tiger felt his ears flatten as he was surrounded in pitch blackness, but luckily with his night vision eyes he was able to see things in the dark. "Greely you fool! Get out and fight! Stop using your little magic tricks on me!" He growled and snapped as he turned around to face his brother. He then noticed and a grey old wolf slowly came out from the tapestry. When Greely came out from the tapestry he was emotionless, "I see you come to kill me, brother." The warrior hissed, "I am no longer you're brother, you study the dark arts! You belong to the phantoms!" The wolf did not flinch but stared into the tiger's eyes, "You now act like a selfish little child Gilbert."
    "How DARE you tell me that I act like a child!" He hissed, revealing his crooked claws, glowing in the silent moon light. "My claws are deadly! And now if I think about it...I might as well kill you here!"
    "Fine then. You may kill me. I will give up my life to you, brother." The tiger sneered and leaped into the air and with a quick swipe, Greely fell to the ground. The old wolf looked down at his shoulder, which was now ripped into shreds and slowly fell to the floor. The tiger growled as his brother fell before his paws. Greely looked up at him with sad eyes, "Good bye brother..."
    "I told you to not call me that!" He hissed. Gilbert raised his paw once again, his eyes were filled with anger and he was ready to finish off his brother. The two stood very still for a long time. Gilbert looked down at his brother...he saved his life from the phantoms...he muttered to himself. He sigh and put down his paw, "I will not kill you. I will leave you to bleed to death." He hissed and slowly pad away but Greely spoke, "Thank" The tiger did not turn around to look at his brother but continued to pad out from the temples, "Never call me brother again."

    1. Then what happened?

    2. that's the end of the story

    3. awesome story!!!!!!!!

    4. Sir Gilbert is a baaad kitty :P

    5. Awesome story,but I think that greely can be alive for ever because he is a magician !

    6. Great....just just just just...great!!! :D

  7. O_O ^comment above

    1. lol sorry, i got too into the story once again.XD

  8. Mira hung the flag as the tears began to fall. It was a gift from Peck.Peck's words echoed in her head, "The true flag of Jamaa, so we can be united forever." But Peck was gone, alone with guides and the other Shamans.The humans has took them and put them in their circus, as they could talk. They had tried to get Mother Mira. But she was too strong. And now she was tired of fighting... She wanted peace for her family. But the humans wouldn't have peace. They thought they were they the smart ones, when they were the ones ruining the world, by taking Nature's gifts. It was then she spotted the phantom hovering, behind the flag Mira had just hung up. Mira used her wings to wipe her eyes. The last thing SHE needed was the King Of All Phantom's to know she'd be crying. As she put her wing back to the side, she knocked the phantom down by mistake.It wasn't a spy, after all. It was a loose phantom from the fighting. But, that war was years ago... Mira had not kept her promise to Zios, she had promised not to let the humans take away their family. Yet the humans were stronger then Mira. They had trained and trained, she thought. Yet she was the sky mother, it was her job to keep then safe! She carefully placed the phantom in the jar she found on the floor behind her. The humans had not taken EVERYTHING. "I could try to summan Zios but it's never worked those other times..." she wondered out loud. She tried anyway. It didn't work.It never did.

    Where did Zios go anyway?

    1. Remember the story I told in the temple of Zios? That was the story of how Zios passed away. Should I share it with the others, brother?

  9. Phantom king's banishment
    As soon as after phantoms were born, they tortured the jamaasians (aka jammers) badly. But Mira battled them and finally trapped them in cages. However, there was one phantom left to defeat---the most powerful phantom of all-----The phantom Emperor. He fought Mira, but Mira lost and was sent far away to a distant galaxy. The phantom emperor wanted to celebrate his victory by destroying Jamaa, but the shamans used strategy to beat him, turned him into a smaller, weaker phantom and trap him in a glass jar. The jamaasians created the tapestry to mark this important event. To this very day, the phantom emperor kept staring at passerby and the tapestry, hoping to break free someday.
    Story by me, Pawmagicz

  10. I think the phantoms what were created were little different than now. like that one in jar and i think they wanted to attack mira so they attacked in one big group and they won but her spirit is still in sarepia forest. the end

  11. The phantoms were about to attack Mira, because they thought they could gain power over all of Jamaa if they were successful. Mira was weakened by the loss of Zios and felt as if nothing mattered anymore, so she cowered as the phantoms came, awaiting her end. But she didn't want to be remembered as the one who cowered and began the phantom's reign. She didn't want to be thought as the one who was too saddened by a lover to defend her land. So she held her head up high, and as the phantoms literally came pouring out of the sky, she struck them with a blast of mystical energy. She felt the powers of the universe flow through her wings and towards the colony of eerie phantoms. She fell to the ground exhaustedly and peered through the blue-ish smoke. She saw she had only destroyed half of them. 'There are far too many for me.' she thought.
    'I am going to lose Jamaa forever..' But right after those discouraged thoughts, ten animals leapt out of the bushes. Their names were Cornelius, Otto, Ruby, Harper, Graham, Cosmo, Peck, Greely, Liza, and Sir Gilbert. The shamans.
    The sight of them made Mira courageous again, and together they made the phantoms return to the darkness from whence they came.

    She thought. She fell t

  12. The phantoms never gave up. The darkness inside would never have died. And they were planning to attack one more time. The shammans couldnt take it anymore. Peck,cornelious,Sir gilbert,Liza,greely,cosmo,harper,Otto,ruby, It was too much. They decided to make a plan. One Shamman would go to a land in jamaa based on there characteristics. Cosmo and peck went to the pathway and coral canyons,Sir gilbert went to Crystal sands, Graham went to zios,Greely went to the forest and Liza went to jamaa. Harper went to Mt.Shivver. There plan was set. (To be continued)

  13. Okay here goes...

    When Mira's tears hit the ground and turned into phantoms, Mira saw what her anger and sadness had done and came to Jamaa to banish the phantoms.
    "We aren't different from any other animal here," they reasoned with her, "Why should we leave?"
    "I've seen what you have done to this world," Mira hissed, "I am sorry, but I will have to banish you. You are made of anger, sadness and grief. You are not meant to live here."
    The phantoms were very angry. They decided that, if Mira thought they were so dangerous, then they would seal their fate. They set waste to everything in their path, trees, dens, and shops, and they were even attacking the animals of Jamaa.
    Mira was gathering up her forces, that is, the Shamans. She flew out with them on wings of pure sunlight, her feathers iridescent in the sunset. She and the Shamans fought through the night. Mira had been battling so many she couldn't count them, and yet she felt there were still as many as ever. Mira looked around for the Shamans, but they were nowhere to be found.
    "Not to worry, Mira, they're right over here," said one phantom, moving aside to reveal many cages or purplish lightning. Inside each one was a Shaman, barely moving. But their eyes were open as if to say, Though our strength has failed us, our spirit still remains. Jamaa must still live, even if we don't.
    Mira was startled. "No, I will free you first," she cried, but the ferocity in their eyes stopped her. The phantoms were closing in now, and Mira knew what was coming. But she stood quite still. Suddenly, all of them flew from the sky, rocketing toward Mira like black comets.
    Mira gathered all her energy, all her anguish and sadness, and spread her fiery, golden wings just as the phantoms touched them. Mira looked around. They were gone, and so was the lightning that had previously trapped the Shamans. Mira had rescued Jamaa, but the phantoms had gone up into the highest mountains, into the darkest stormclouds. So it was Mira's promise to protect Jamaa whenever they returned—although that battle was her first and also hardest.
    That is why, to this day, it is known as The Battle of Storm and Sunlight.

    Wow sorry Snowy that was long O_O'

    As for that phantom-in-a-jar, I have no idea....sorry :(


    1. i love this! really great and thought out well!

  14. The golden bird is Mira waiting for Zois for decades always standing in this place. The dark cloud-like thing slowly covering Mira. Every day she has less hope for Zois to return. The phantom in the jar is staring at the picture enjoying himself. When Mira will loose all hope she will become black and she will lead the phantoms.

  15. I cannot get cause my computer is broke can Someone send tigertaco2011 (me) the rmi? Im on my iPod right now can't get on with it :(

  16. (continued)Mira was kept in a safe place. She was saving her powers to defeat any phantoms that came near her. Before the day of the battle, Every jammer and shamman (including mira) Prayed and hung the jamaa flag up. The shammans spent all night training and still had energy. Captain melville and his crew joined as well. They got there swords. It was the day. The jammers hid in there dens where they can be safe. "You ready Guys?" said Greely. Everyone nodded. "Its time.Prepare to meet who we really are phantoms." And so they left. (To be continued)

  17. The phantoms started to break things. There was mayhem and many of the shop workers were injured. But the good news was the shammans were here. The killed every single phantom they saw. They threw spirit balls at them and slashed there swords. Greely used magic to stun the phantoms. They were badly injured but they didnt let a scar drop them down. But a little bunny was put in the woods and a phantom was planning to kill her! "I would love to have her for dinner!" said the phantom. The little bunny screamed at the top of her lungs. Graham didnt let the phantom kill the little girl. He swooped in and tackled hte phantom to the floor. "Thankyou Mr.Graham Sir!" Said the little bunny. All the phantoms were defeated but one of the phantoms sneaked into where mira was. Mira shouted,"Get out you clumsy phantom!" The phantom ignored her and getted redy to throw a spirit dark ball at her. But that never happened. The shammans ujmped out and tackled the phantom to the ground. Mira threwthe jamaa spirit orb at him (her power) and the king of the phantoms was defeated. There was finally some peace in jamaa. And from that day on, NO phantom has ever returned to jamaa.

  18. The third part is contined. Its the final. Hope you liked it snowy!

  19. The golden heron is Mira standing there for decades waiting for Zois. The dark cloud-like thing is a black phantom cloud slowly covering Mira. Day by day she looses more hope for Zois to return. She is darker and darker. When Mira will be all black she will loose all her hope and become evil. But until Zois returns....

  20. I like storys! This took me a while... It was harder then the last one!

    Once, during the day of the phantoms, The phantoms evaded way too overboard. They started destroying everything in jamaa. The shamans tried to stop them... but failed. Other then there endless streak of mayhem and chaos continued. Until a secret chamber in the Chamber of knowledge appeared for the first time. Mira apeered then, with out much strength, she ask all the jammers to help fight the phantoms, while she adventured to a magical island with a magical aurora. The jammers and others where barley enough to keep the phantoms away, but Mira had to quickly get a special gem. There where many traps until she reached a special chamber with guardians.
    "Who dares pass through here?" One said
    "Please, I need the magical stone of peace. Or my land... jamaa... will be ruled by evil. You have to listen to me!" She said. The guardians attacked Mira and appeared to be shadow like snake dragons! She raced for the gem, and she was filled with power and glowed a golden light. She bead the guardian dragons and returned to jamaa. She placed the gem in jamaa township. The phantoms reteted and a few where frozen. They took one and placed it near mira's chamber. And Mira told everyone about it, peck drew a banner in honer of Mira's bravery. It was placed on top of Mira's chamber so it will not be seen for a long time.
    Then. one day the phantoms tried to destroy the gem off peace. Mira stopped them in time, but was a bit too late. She placed something in the stop of the peace gem to hide it. With is the jamaa central. Now, every day of the phantoms, they strike back. For a while, but the gem of peace is still wealthy enough to keep jamaa safe for most of the year.

    ~Story my marp7

  21. Sorry for writing it twice. I thought the first time it didn't publish my comment. Really sorry Snowyclaw.

  22. Nice story idea i liked it really went deep inside jamaas legends and the tapstrey has a picture of the bird
    from jamaa township_nonasweety

  23. interesting.... princess93

  24. As soon as Mira learned that her husband Zios perished, she studies in the Chamber of Secrets for months hoping to find out what had happened, one day, a pesky group of phantoms came along and made Mira a tapestry hinting where she went and how she disappeared hung it in the Chamber of Secrets, and took Mira to Jamaa Township, froze her, and made her the Mira statue we see today in Jamaa Township!

    1. Gotta continue it!

      After the shamans saw Mira frozen to the ground in the Township, Sir Gilbert got out his armor, and went out on a "Phantom Hunt" only to capture the most murderous and blood-thirsty phantom of them all, the one in the jar beside the Mira Tapestry, catching the worst, murderous and blood-thirsty phantom of them all in a jar, when he returned he put his armor back in the Chamber of Secrets, and setting the phantom in a jar on a table beside the Mira Tapestry, he forgot about it, and left in a hurry, this is how the phantom in a jar ended up being in the Chamber of Secrets ( Well, my opinion).


  25. Mostly my stories are a bit more "childish" then the other ones.

  26. Okay so in temple of Zios I noticed that the door that is boarded up is decorated like its a real door to go in I want to know what the place is!!

  27. I think the tapestry illustrates when the phantoms were created from Mira's tears when Zios left. The phantom may be one of the first phantoms ever made so it could be a rare part of Jamaa's past.

  28. The tapestry is shoowing how after zios died, her heart was broken and vulnerable to evil. Like the phantoms that she had created. My story isn't good but there you go.

  29. good stories people i cant think of any

    1. Lucky you. I have practically too much imagination. And then.... Well, you probably know what I mean.

  30. Mira and Zios had just created Jamaa and chosen a guide for each animal. These guides were called shamans. Jamaa was a wonderful place and many animals lived there. Mira and Zios were glad that they created such a peaceful world.

    Until one day, Mira wanted to have a conversation with Zios about whether to have rain for the plants so they could grow or sunshine for the animals. "Zios?" Mira called for him again and again and her whisper-like spirit voice "Zios? Zios, where are you?" she was getting really concerned. Of course Mira was a spirit and she saw all and felt all. And at that time she felt that the spirit of Zios was no longer there.

    Greely, who practiced magic often, also felt that Mira was sad and that something was not there. He, too, realized Zios suddenly vanished.

    And so Mira wept for her lost companion, and her tears came down. They landed right next to Greely. He was the only one who witnessed the creation of phantoms, since it was in the middle of the night and the rest of the animals were asleep. He managed to capture one of the phantoms in a cage and kept it in his den.

    So the next day, since nobody usually believes Greely, they didn't believe him about Zios either. They just thought it was some sort of trick. So to help them feel that Zios was gone, Greely worked on a tapestry all day and all night. The tapestry showed Mira sad with her head tucked down, and dark phantoms around her. He thought that if the animals really thought about Mira they would feel that she was sad.

    The next morning, after Greely finished his tapestry, most of the animals felt that Mira was sad and belived him that Zios was lost. But some animals STILL didn't believe Greely. So Greely went back to his den and wondered how to prove it. Then he looked at his phantom. He decided to study it.

    Greely made a statue of a phantom. It was like a diagram of a phantom to him. Then he had an idea. He could bring the caged phantom to animals that didn't believe him! So he did just that.

  31. I think that once there was a battle over the phantoms and Mira for the Temple of Zios. That is what the tapestry discribes. Of course, Mira won and captured the phantoms. The phantom in the jar was the first one she captured so she kept it there for all to see. The other phantoms are in the underground jail in the center of Zios. But if you sleep around there, the phantoms will awake and maybe possess you. So don't sleep near the underground jail! It is a scam!! You do not win a glove or whatever people tell you. They were possessed by the phantoms already and are trying to get others possessed so the phantoms could make an army and fight against Mira again!! THE END

    ♥ Eeyore's BFF

  32. people you comment to quick lol

  33. XD Lol. Kerrie, can u check out my story i posted? ^.^ If u rote one, I ish read it

  34. ok this my story after miras sadness and phantoms where made they all joined to gather and attacked miar, she was able beat a lot of the phantoms but some are still left (which are still in jamma)

  35. I beleive that phantom in the jar is bob, bob of potato land. This is bob's story: bob was a "special" phantom he loved potatos and slobbering. One day while bob was at special ed a war broke out between mira and the phantoms.
    bob was so exited he decided to slobber all over mira whitch gave her the power to destroy the phantoms, you see, phantoms are afraid of slobber. To this day bob is hournered in that jar.
    "My mommy says I'm special my teacher says I'm special ed"-bob
    sorry for the strange story but if you havn't noticed, i'm insain o(^.^)o thats me cheering for insanity

    1. lol dude, special ed is a class not something to describe someone :I funny, but not as funny as..........


    2. haha funny story!

    3. will i just get over that lol just asking an i post that on my blog? for a lil funny thing for a change ps sorry to be a pain but can you check out my blog?

  36. :DD me guessing Pease no rude comment! >:{B>

    The story of Miras Death

    Jamaa was attacked by The Phantoms too many times, Miras breath closely gone, the seconds ticked. Slowly The Phantoms had found her. She was too weak. One brave jammer was able to take down the King Phantom. His body still stays there. However, found in the wrong hands. The Phantoms will have a new ruler and will strike and cause terror to jamaa.

    warriorcatz1209 :DD has a nice dayzz!!! :B

  37. The tapestry is a drawing of mira as the phantoms came and invaded jamaa. the phantom in a jar is maybe a stuffed phantom caught by a shaman or something?? idk but whatever


  38. blackwings/JunGoesRawrx3July 9, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    The phantom's name is Phantom which came from he word Fantom which came from the word Tom which came from the word Pig. Anyways, he was the craziest phantom in the whole phantom tribe thing. One day the tribe of phantoms thing were fighting against the shamans, Mira, jammers etc. he went all insane making weird sounds and moving his hands/legs/hair whatever those are around and everyone started to laugh but then he got to Mt. Shiveer some how (they were fighting in The Temple of Zios) and he got all frozen because he was jumping on the ice berg crack thing by accident and he fell in to the cold water. And now they keep him the jar because he was the craziest phantom ever known. :3 THE END OF CRAZY PHANTOM STORY.
    Don't ask how I got the idea, I don't know either ^^;
    Thx for reading peeps :)

  39. The air grew cold, and as the citezens of Jamaa hid inside Club Geoz and the Sol Arcade, Mira, the Sky mother stepped out infront of the fountain, her eyeslooking off into the distance, waiting for the action waiting to happen, and as a large pack of phantoms surged down at Mira she stood there, not worrying a bit. But then, it happened. She released a shrill so loud none of the citezens where deturded, yet the phantoms were blew out of the Skyand onto the ground. Mira kept, the strongest of the phantom's for herself, and had a Jamaa artist make a tapestry. Soon, the phantom and Tapestry were put inside the chamber of knowlage, so they would be safe. Later that day, Mira asendended back into theHeaven's to watch over her kingdom once agian.

  40. Once long ago there was a great battle between Mira and the phantoms. Here's how it started..... One day Mira and the Shamans were taking a walk through Jamaa going to vist Captain Melville at his Juice Hut. While in Temple of Zios the sky went black with phantoms invading Jamaa. Mira and the Shamans looked up. The phantoms came raining down onto Mira and the Shamans. Mira flapped her wings the phantoms were pushed backwards by the windy beats of her wings. She flew forwards a grabbed a phantom between her beck and flew back to the Shamans. "They will never do that again" said Mira. They walked to Captain Medville's Juice Hut and drank a smoothie. Mira dropped the phantom in a case "Let this be a reminder of the day we defeted the phantoms!".


  41. My story~

    When Zios created Mira and fell in love with her he thought he should give her something to member there relationship. On her birthday he presented it to her. It showed Mira and Zios together. But when Zios died Mira would look at the banner every day. Knowing that looking at him would make her think about him more she tore it down and layed in front of her. She made her tears hit on his picture hoping we would come back. When she noticed that she cryed a storm she looked at the corner the picture was in. It glowed black and purple sparks came out of it. She went in the corner and watched has strange creatures were coming out of the banner. The creatures left the room and she looked at the banner. It had a black area on where Zios put his body on the banner. Quickly following the odd creatures she ran to the animals defense. When she made it to the township she say every thing destroyed. No trace of the strange creatures. She rounded up the animals and shamans and told them to start training. All night she tried to figer out where these creatures have come from. Since they came out of no where and they were monsters she desided to call them Phantoms. On the she desided to end training and go into battle. They suited up and went to Temple of Zios. Of course the phantoms were waiting. Mira did the battle call and the whole area was a war zone. The animals of Jamma won. Years after Mira wanted to display there hard work. She took the body of a phantom and displayed him. She took the banner and hung it up again and she thought "we might be animals but we r strong for any challage"
    The End~

  42. Legend has it that the Phantoms had reined in Jamaa for 100 years. They were destroying everything. Mira was gone, and most Jamaasians thought she was dead, but some had hope. Every animal and Shaman was forced to hide in caves and canyons, else they be destroyed by Phantoms.

    Meanwhile, Mira sat helpless up in the sky, looking down at the black shroud over Jamaa. It was the Phantoms that had kept her out. She tried and tried to get down to Jamaa, but it was impossible.

    One day, however, the sun rose at long last. A brilliant rainbow spread across the sky from east to west. The sliver of hope that some of the animals had before grew much bigger. All the Jamaasians gasped, for there before them appeared the silhouette of a heron, and as the sun rose higher, they could see blue feathers and a pale yellow beak. "Mira!" they shouted. All the Phantoms scattered, cowering in the shadows.

    "You must attack!" growled the King Phantom. All the other Phantoms shook with fear. "Phantoms, listen to me!" a voice rang out. The Jamaasians never knew Mira could speak so stern. Even the King Phantom froze in terror. “For all of this,” Mira shouted, motioning toward everything the Phantoms had destroyed. “…And for hurting my animals, you will be banished to the Phantom Vortex where you will stay every day of the year except the Day of the Phantoms, where you may leave but do no harm to anyone or anything.” And with that, she made a swirling black and green vortex appear on the ground and all the Phantoms were sucked into it.

    But their leader still hid. Mira grabbed him in her talons and put him in a jar. She ordered Greely the wolf Shaman to put the jar with the King Phantom in the Chamber of Secrets. Soon the trapped King Phantom gave up trying to get out and he froze himself, to wake up only if Mira was completely forgotten.

    In appreciation to Mira, Peck the rabbit Shaman made a beautiful tapestry. Pictured was Mira, golden with sunlight, and in the corner the dark and evil Phantoms fearfully cowering in the shadows. Peck gave it to Mira and Mira hung it up in Jamaa Township, so everyone could remember what happened. But after a while, all the animals stopped looking at the tapestry and so the Shamans sadly put it away in the Chamber of Secrets next to the King Phantom in the jar.

    Soon the animals began to forget about Mira, too. As the memory left their mind, the King Phantom tried to break free. Mira couldn't do anything about it or the animals who were forgetting her. A few Jamaasians, though, kept on remembering Mira, and they will keep on.

  43. Here's meh story: (SORRY FOR MY RANDOM LATENESS :P)

    The Phantoms' Trick
    Mira's Rdge
    The Outerlands Bluff

    Mira and the Shamans stood on the cliff that overlooked Jamaa, Mira holding a statue of Zios in her talons. She touched her beak to it, then flung it over the edge. It bounced in midair and straightened up, casting a blue bubble over Jamaa.
    "That should keep them safe for a while," murmured Peck.
    "A while," Greely added dryly. "I'm not doubting your powers, Mira, but those phantoms are crafty. They will find a way to break it, mark my words."
    They stared out from the bluff. In the distance was a black fog bank, crackling with red lightning. The phantoms were coming...

    Sirius's Den
    Sarepia Forest

    Sirius hammered the last metal shingle into the roof and brushed her fur out of her face. She carefully climbed down from the roof and ran inside, where Akari, her sister, was busy stocking the den with food.
    "Hey Akari, can I go and get our new Teleport from Captain Melville?"
    "Sure," called her older sister from the next room.
    Sirius ran out of the house, grabbing her Fox Hat as she went.
    As she headed for Crystal Sands, she noticed the sky. Once sparkling blue, it was now stormy and black. Blue lightning arced above, holding the phantoms off.

    Melville's Juice Hut
    Crystal Sands
    Sirius leaped into Captain Melville's juice hut and saw him making a couple last-minute repairs to his smoothie machine. When the white tiger saw her, he set his hammer down. "Hello Sirius! Come for your Teleport?"
    "Be careful. How's Akari's apprenticeship?"
    "It's great. Greely's teaching her some combat magic, like how to make it so dark that not even a phantom can see. I want to be his apprentice when I'm old enough!"
    "He'll probably take you on. If anyone besides your sister is good enough to pass the test, it's you." Melville stuck some nails into the machine, then disappeared into a back room and came out lugging a metal box. "Here's your Teleport."

    Sirius's Den
    Sarepia Forest
    WHen she got home, Sirius carefully set up the Teleport and plugged it in. There was suddenly a loud CRACK. She glanced out the firmly shut window and saw the blue shell crack open, red lightning poured through. The phantoms had arrived.
    There was a loud noise of a trumpet from a long way off. It was the Shamans calling the others to battle.
    Sirius ran into Akari's room and grabbed her sister's armor. She was nervous; Akari had defeated the phantoms before, but now the evil army was much bigger. Akari had just finished reinforcing the last wall when Sirius thrust the armor into her paws.
    "they called you. Good luck." She hugged Akari. "May Mira watch over you."

    After Akari had gone, Sirius went to her room and opened the wooden cupboard. Inside was a beautiful silver helmet, sword, and armor, with blue gems set into it to match her tail armor and cuffs. It was hers, but she wasn't old enough for it yet. Sirius ran her paws along the sword's perfect hilt and sighed, then closed the cupboard.

    1. Sirius's Den
      Sarepia Forest
      One night, Sirius was stewing some tomatoes for a tomato sauce. The whole-grain pasta simmered in another pot. Akari would be tired after coming home.
      She finished dinner, then ate her helping and left the rest in the pot for her sister. Then she sat down in the armchair to wait.
      She waited.
      And waited.
      And waited.
      But still Akari didn't come home.
      At around midnight Sirius began to suspect that something was wrong.
      Then there was a weak knock at her door.
      Sirius ran to the door and opened it. A small rabbit was shuffling her paws in the mud.
      "Bandit!" yelled Sirius. Bandit was a messenger. A messenger would only come to a home in war if they had to evacuate or if a member of the household had died.
      "Is Akari..." She couldn't finish.
      "No. She and the Shamans were taken prisoner. The phantoms told them to meet at Mira's Circle in Jamaa Township at sunrise, or they'd eliminate the prisoners." Bandit swallowed.
      Sirius closed her eyes. "Oh no. They're walking into a trap..."
      She ran to her room, threw on her armor, and ran like she had never run before. Hurtling down the muddy path, the mud flew up behind her like a second tail. She was running harder and harder, fearing it could be too late.

    2. The Zios Pit
      Temple of Zios
      Captain Melville was sitting on a stone when a small black shape hurtled into the camp and skidded to a halt.
      "Sirius! What are you doing here?"
      "I have a message. Since I know you're second in command, I came to you."
      "What's your message?"
      "Don't go to Mira Circle. it's a trap."
      As Captain Melville stood up to tell the animals, Sirius raced off.

      Mira's Circle
      Jamaa Township

      The phantom king was tapping one feeler impatiently.
      Suddenly a scout flew in. "They're coming! I saw the first one!"
      The king yawned and drooled. "Good work Shadow.
      "Zappy! Release the prisoners!"
      The amber-eyed phantom nodded and opened the cage of purple lightning. Eleven phantoms flew out, forming a line.
      Suddenly a small black shape skidded into the circle.

    3. Mira's Circle
      Jamaa Township

      Sirius rounded the bend and skidded into Mira's Circle. she saw the phantom army. In the front were eleven evil-looking phantoms, who were probably the main attackers. In the very back, and up on a rock, was an even more evil-looking phantom who was slobbering all over his crown.
      "What have you done to the prisoners?!" screamed Sirius, baring her fangs at the king. Her hackles went up even higher.
      "Oh, nothing, nothing much," drawled the king, flicking at a leaf. "They're closer than you think. Maybe even under your nose... Are you the only one? I don't see your army."
      "I am the only one. I have come to defeat you."
      The king gave a high-pitched evil laugh that ended in a coughing fit. "You think you can defeat the phantoms?" He dribbled all over the amber-eyed phantom in front of him's head. "That is... delicious. Zappy, let the Elites attack, please." He drooled even more.
      "Attack," commanded Zappy.
      The elites leaped. Sirius drew her sword. The phantoms were all over her now.
      "Help me, Mira," she whispered.

    4. Sirius realized that she could hear the attacking phantoms whispering to each other.
      "What should we do with it, G-01?" hissed the huge one.
      "Perhaps stuff it for research?"
      There was a flash of light. Sirius reared up on her hind legs and stretched her forepaws upward. She caught her reflection in the phantoms' eyes; a crane made entirely of golden light.
      "Thanks, Mira," she whispered.
      A voice echoed in her head. "Take the big one first."
      Sirius hit the massive phantom with her wing. It somersaulted backwards and hit the king's throne, then prowled forwards.
      Sirius paused, and got a good look at the Elites for the first time.

    5. One had a red eye, one was huge, one looked crafty, and one had an apprentice potion-maker's bottle strung around its neck. The others all had characteristics that were weird for phantoms, too.
      "Oh, no," she whispered to herself.
      She whipped around to face the king. "I know what you did to the prisoners! DON'T LIE TO ME."
      The king yawned again. 'true, true. I may have turned them into phantoms. And how convenient that I did... What better punishment for a meddlesome puppy then to have her fight her own sister?"
      He beckoned to the one with the bottle. "A-KI13, come here."
      The phantom slithered forward. The king touched his feeler to its longest one. "You will now have my powers. Destroy the crane." He pointed at Sirius.

    6. The phantom-that-was-Akari advanced. Sirius stepped backward. The phantom waved its feelers in a funny way, and Sirius glanced at her wings. They were becoming black and smoky, twisting into tentacles.
      "NO!" yelled Sirius. She gave a downstroke of her wings, and hovered about 4 feet above the ground. Then she saw it.
      it looked like a tiny glass ball at the base of the King's throne. But Sirius sensed that it was important.
      She flew up 10 feet, judged her angle, and dove.
      Her razor-sharp talons hit the ball going 100 miles an hour, and it shattered on impact.
      "NOOOOO!" yelled all the phantoms. A portal back to the Phantom Vortex was forming, and they were being sucked into it, except the Shaman- and Akari- phantoms, who were going back to normal. The King's crown toppled into the portal just before Sirius grabbed him.
      "You're not going to lead your army anymore. No way."
      The portal vanished. All of the Shamans and Akari stood up. Sirius grinned, then turned back into a wolf.
      Sir Gilbert shook his head. "Good riddance, phantoms."
      Liza picked up her walking stick. "Come on, everyone."

    7. The Green Gem Square
      Jamaa Township

      Greely, Akari, and Sirius put the phantom in a jar and put the jar in the Chamber of Knowledge. Then they went out to join the festival.
      Peck unveiled a tapestry that displayed a golden crane facing down a horde of phantoms; Mira and Sirius defeating the King's army.
      It was hung in the Chamber of Knowledge, by the King, who is still alive. SOme say he is biding his time, waiting to come back...


      Chamber of Knowledge
      Temple of Zios
      3 Years Later

      Greely hung the tiny bottle of a master potion-maker around Akari's neck. "Akari, go out into the world and do good."
      He bowed to her. She bowed back.
      Akari waved one last goodbye, then walked out the door.
      "And now it's time for me to choose a new apprentice," said Greely. He turned to Sirius.
      ~The End~

    8. Great story! I couldn't stop reading it!

  44. hey snowy
    did you get my commet
    about the glitch with the antlers
    that i figured it out
    so here is wht u do
    have atleast 350 gems
    go to mt shivver in coco hut
    buy the antlers (black ones only work)
    wear them
    there greenish blue
    if you dont belive me look at my user starheartstarheart
    i kinda look like you
    its not my main wolf
    its the wolf old frozen spirit ok bye!

  45. i know this is late but here....
    once the phantoms had a war but nobody knows who won but one person that was in the war grabed one phantom and put him in a cage (it was a frozon cage that means it has a freezer in it) so now its still there staring at you! carful people it might soon awake! (try not to open the cage) The End by: snowflakedaisypet

  46. I think the tapestry represents a story about Mira while she was creating the beautiful Jamaa we now live in, while she was making Jamaa some phantoms tried to disrupt the creation but they couldn't as Mira had a special life force and still was in the process of making Jamaa. She caught one to show us her power and to tell us she would do anything to keep the phantoms away.

  47. Before the sky harmonized with the earth, and the moon harmonized with the sun, there was chaos. The center of that chaos was Mira. One day, while creating a brilliant new land called Jamaa, something turned the air sour, and the warm wind grew cold. It was phantoms. Phantoms: born from sorrow, these creatures wanted nothing more than complete and utter chaos; while Mira was order and prosperity. Mira sensed unbalance in the earth, and recognized it at once.
    "Why do you linger in the shadows?"
    Cackles could be heard.
    "Ah, I see. My old friends.."
    "You seek to defeat us. I can sense it. Give up! We are born from hatred and greed. Every second an angel turns to a demon. As long as there are those who don't believe, than we shall live."
    Mira pondered this for a moment.
    "You say you were born from hatred and greed."
    The phantoms nodded and looked at her as if the answer to the question was obvious.
    Mira then started to glow. She glowed so bright, that it was blinding. The phantoms stay for a moment, not sure what was happening, but then they caught on.
    "You plan to wash this land of sin! You cannot confine us!"
    "But alas, you are wrong. A life for many other lives seems a fair price."
    The phantoms shrieked in horror as the land became overwhelmed with silver.
    "Someday, we will return!"
    Mira looked over Jamaa as if to say goodbye, and took her final breath. And so it was that the remains of one last phantom was found, put in a glass dome. Warning all who passed what would happen if they decided to let their minds go elsewhere.
    Even though we may never know when the phantoms will rise again, many are able to see spirits and small eyes lurking in the darkest corners or Jamaa.

  48. i have the original lol the wiki says its worth a lot. like headdress a lot. is the original really that good?


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