Monday, September 15, 2014

Rare Seaweed Boa & Floating Hyenas

Hallooo jammers!! Cutegirl2001 here posting! Today's *fabulous* rare can be found on the 2rd page of Bahari Bargains!
Hehe oh so fab ^.^ Looks like this one was made of pure leather... or whatever is fancy underwater! Maybe shell silk? ^_^
Hmm looks like today is the last day for the musketeer boots! Shame they have to leave...
However, as a pick-me-up, their almost identical clothing twin is staying! Though if you want the *exclusivity* of musketeer boots, you'd better pick them up before they leave!

Hmm another skyway glitch that happened to xxsmile! Thanks for sending this in! And hopefully your hyena stops dancing in places it shouldn't dance! ^__^

 Speaking of things being where they aren't supposed to be, it looks like there's a rebellious tail alert (from Kim/Shane)....
As well as a colorless spiky wig! And a a random fishy got caught in the crossfire, as an otter tried to play with it! Thanks for sending this in, Shadow Charizard!

Monday mystery time!
What are the secrets behind Coral Canyons? You can come up with any stories at all jammers! Which alpha came from there.... why the Eagles Only shop is situated there... especially why there's that shaky bridge, that sometimes crumbles! Let me know!

P.S. If you have a collection of plushies don't forget to sent a screenshot of it to

P.P.S. Have you got a cool glitch, or a pawsome Monday Mystery idea? Sharing is, after all caring, so share your ideas with me, at, and who knows, if your idea is phantasmic  I'll feature it on the blog, with credit given to you!


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