Sunday, August 2, 2015

Infinity Necklace, Phantom Ad & Double Gems Pest

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with the Sunday post. Sorry for my recent disappearance, a series of unfortunate events (time zone change, limited wifi, broken computer...) left me unreliable with the posting. Thank you to all the authors that picked up my slack! ^_^ If the author of the day (click here to apply) hasn't begun a post by 5am AJ (Mountain) Time, any author is free to post in their place!
Enough blog talk, on to Animal Jam! Today we have a very random item – I just didn't see it coming. Infinity Necklace? My first thought was phantoms (the purple default) and then saltwater taffy!! Looks tasty...

In other random news, I happened upon a cool little Animal Jam ad! I wonder if it's a rather dated one – the bottom (in tiiiiny letters) says "Smart Bomb Interactive" instead of "Wildworks" (the new AJHQ name). Either way, isn't this a fun way to advertise Animal Jam?

We're not cute and cuddly all the time.

AJHQ recently posted a useful little article on account settings and explanations when you aren't able to log into Jamaa.
Once you're in Jamaa, though, be sure to stop by Pest Control.
Double gems with this game is really worth your while! Munch on those pesty pests, and gems some rewards while you're at it.
Finally, to wrap up our little weekend post we have the leaving Space Satellite. Perhaps this one is being sent into far regions of space for some fantastic new research projects...

If you had your very own satellite, where would you send it??

Happy jamming!!

Be sure to stop by later today for some AJMV features...

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