Monday, August 31, 2015

Rare Square Glasses +
Nat Geo WILD Needs Your Help!

Ciao, jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is the wonderful pair of Rare Square Glasses you can find at Jam-Mart Clothing for a slightly expensive 650 gems.
Not as expensive as my glasses, though. Seriously, 100 dollars so I'm not slightly blind. And they're half broken! And I can't TELL you how many times I've smashed my face trying to push them up when they aren't there. But they do make me look 10 times smarter than usual. 
Aaaanyway, it's great to see a red RIM! Square glasses have never been my favorite item (the original is blue and lightblue), but these colors do it justice.

buy rare square glasses for only 19.93 on this special tv offer to look as cool as this husky right here. this offer only lasts for a limited time. if you call now, we'll add in the "cool cat hat" for free! a 10 dollar value, absolutly free with a purchase of your rare square glasses! call now, or regret your entire life's descions!
Man, that husky is cool.

A few days ago, we recieved an email from Nat Geo WILD! How exciting! They're looking for new marvelous mammals, ravishing reptiles, bashful birds, or any other Unlikely Animal Friends you might know!


Do you have an unlikely animal friend? Or two animals of different species that are best friends?  Or did you go to extremes to rescue a helpless animal?

National Geographic WILD is looking for your stories!
For submissions, please email photos, a short description of your Unlikely Animal Friends-story and your contact details to:

Thank you, 
The "Unlikely Animal Friends" Team

A cat and a cockatoo! 
Lion and Monkey BFF's! Cuuuuute!

Awesome! This show's next season looks great, sounds great, and will be great with your amazing submissions! Good luck, jammers, and Play Wild!

P.S. How would you all like a Graham's Workshop Guide?
 ~Monday Mystery~

Animal Jam released it's new app, Play Wild, for iOS and android this summer. Play Wild's a lot like Animal Jam, just for your tablet/smart phone. However, players on Play Wild can't (yet) interact with players on Animal Jam. Is Play Wild in a different realm? Universe? Planet? If so, why is it so alike to AJ, the only differences being the people, and minor aesthetic changes. Is it in the same world as AJ? Comment your thoughts below!

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