Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Returning Beret + Robot, Workshop Items & Diamond

Hey jammers, snowyclaw here after a weekend of camping (and a lack of wifi, my apologies!). We're playing a little catch up with these pawsome new items, but here's a classic that is returning to stores!
The Beret has returned to the Jam Mart Clothing shop, in all its glorious colors. These were first sold back in June of 2012! Doesn't that seem like forever ago? In other news, the FANCY TOY ROBOT has made its way back to Epic Wonders after it's very short earlier appearance...

The snazzy little guy is as fancy as ever, hopefully the market craze for him will calm down a bit now. Anywho, I thought this would also be a good time to cover the items available in the newest group adventure, Graham's Workshop!! Let's start off with the clothing items...

Sadly many of them are for members only, and the golden items (especially the golden tail) are receiving a huge amount of almost rare popularity, despite them still being in stores. Strange huh?
Getting much less attention are the furniture items (as usual), but I think they're just as creative (if not more so, seeing as many clothing items are just recolors). I'm rather partial to the one's with more woody, brown and green elements. Same goes for the clothing items! Gold and silver just aren't for me. What are your favorite items in this new collection?
And finally we this little diamond contest to depart on. Want to win 5 diamonds to spend any which way you like? Click here to enter!! The contest entires are due tomorrow, so enter soon.
Happy jamming!

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