Friday, April 22, 2016

Papyrus Scrolls, Castle Den and Earth Day

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Papyrus Scrolls on sale in Jam Mart Furniture.
What Egyptian den set item would you like to see return next? Play Wild has been updated with a minor new update bringing the gorgeous Castle Den to the Sapphire Shop!

Did you also know that today is Earth Day? People worldwide will be raising awareness for the environmental protection throughout the day. How are you showing your support for the beautiful world we live in?
All jammers can download these adorable Earth Day coloring sheets from the Conservation Museum! Don't forget to check out the Earth Day banners around Jamaa's lands.
In celebration of falcons calling Jamaa home, the Taking Flight exhibit has been updated with new facts and pictures. 
That's it for today, happy jamming!

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