Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Cottage, Buddy List Extended & BRAND NEW Pet Actions / Animations

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with the details on AJHQ's pawsome new update, arriving late this morning. While it might not be a huge content update there are so many new features (ones that jammers have been asking for for quite a while!).
The focus of this update is the brand new Spring Cottage den, available to purchase in the Diamond Shop for 7 diamonds. If you'd like to explore it feel free to vsiit my den (though it's empty at the moment).

The cottage itself is reminiscent of the Lucky Castle and the Friendship Cottage, and I'm loving the huge outdoor space (as opposed to huge indoor space, nice varity, AJHQ). Another new item for today is...
 The returning Egyptian Sphinx! What a regal fellow, kind of reminds me of Sir Gilbert. Another returning aspect in this update is Graham's Workshop, a challenging, jammer-favorite, collection adventure.
A huge part of this update is AJHQ extending what our pets can do – now when we dance, they dance!! When we hop, they hop!! Sit, play, and even sleep with little zzz's... (OHMYGOODNESS–SOCUTE).
I hope this will convince more jammers to have their pets out and about! I almost have one pet for every animal (with matching colors to boot, hehe). Maybe this will make pets into characters unto themselves!
Alogn with the playful pets we also have the returning Cruise Ship Party, a summer classic (and great for a little cloudwatching).
Among the returning things we have Hyenas and the Summer Carnival!! Animal Jam is really starting to ramp up for the break, aren't they? It's not just returning things though, we also have a new...
ROCKER OUTFIT!! I'm glad AJHQ is appealing to more tastes and styles (some jammers like more girly items, some like nature-y, some tom-boy, others like PUNK). I'm really liking the look of that tail... Rock star items will likely start arriving in stores within the next few days.
And so we wrap up this update with the now extended buddy list. Jammers have been asking for this for years, and I know I'm now going to have a tough time choosing new jammers to add (so many friends, and still too little buddy space!). Now for some other good news for jammers who have lots of Animal Jam friends...
If you ever need a break from recieving letters you now get that option! Or if your mail fills up, you can close it so no ones letters get deleted. Do you think you'll use the feature?

What's your favorite part of this incredible update??
Hope to see you in Jamaa.
Happy jamming!!

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