Friday, April 15, 2016

Pyramid Table, Falcon Minibook, Security Check, and Possible Buddy List Update

Hey jammers! Today's returning item was previously part of the Egyptian den set collection sold in 2014. Perhaps we will see the full return of the den set? 
If you read today's  post on the Daily Explorer (AJHQ's blog) you'd certainly spot something unusual - it looks like our buddy lists will receive a well deserved update!

Can you spot the two new buttons? Similar to Play Wild, we will most likely be able to see a full list of jammers in a certain world or land. AJHQ are making so many adjustments this year!
On top of that, AJHQ added extra security check-ups. What do you think of the security update? And it also looks like headquarters have been busy adding a new online safety page for jammers and parents.
Click here to check it out - quite interesting to read! Something a lot of jammers probably missed in yesterday's falcon update, a new minibook at the Chamber of Knowledge!
If you'd like to find out more about the latest update, check Snowy's latest video post! Happy jamming.

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