Monday, April 18, 2016

Rare High Heels and Play Wild Den Music

Hey jammers! Today's rare is located on the sixth page of Jam Mart Clothing - introducing the Rare High Heels!
Quite classy! Perfect for any jammer who wants to dress to impress this spring. The Rare High Heels will only be around for today, so make sure you pick up a pair fast.
If you're a player of Play Wild you'd most likely notice den music is finally here - you can purchase all sorts of den music from the Sapphire Shop! Speaking of Play Wild...
Today is your last chance to purchase the Easter items! Such a lovely collection, I'd love to see a few of these items come over to Animal Jam next year, how about you?
Did you know that you can now climb the Appondale tree in lush 3D? If you need some time to yourself, this is a perfect spot to relax after a stressful day. Happy jamming!!

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