Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Epic Zios Glove & Diamond Shop Rocker Ouftit

Hey jammers! Woo, this time of year is tiring. Just a few more weeks though, and I'll be free for the summer! When does your break start? 
To make our wait more bearable there is the fantastic new Zios Glove, sold in the clothing orb of Epic Wonders. I love to see AJHQ bringing the lore into the gameplay in little ways like this. In other item news, we also have the long awaited ROCKER OUTFIT over in the Diamond Shop!

Snazzy! I love how they stuck with the grey/black as the base color. Very much running with the punk/gothic theme!
I have a feeling the Rocker Tail Rings are going to be a popular item in Jamaa's future. Since May has begun we also have monthly items.
Flowers available in the Sarepia Treetop Gardens...
And the Emerald Birthstone in the furniture orb of Epic Wonders! Does anyone have a birthday coming up? How are you going to celebrate?
We also have the usual posts from AJHQ on the Daily Explorer, but this terrarium project looks especially fun! I'm kind of in love with succulents right now, so cute, and super easy to take care of!
Does everyone's items no longer show on the player profile? It seems all of mine of completely disappeared these past few days... Hmm...
Speaking of disappearing though, be sure to grab this COOOL boots before they depart from stores. Buy a pair in Jam Mart Clothing – hope to see you there. Happy jamming!!

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