Monday, May 23, 2016

Rare Ram Horns

Update: this week's RIM has been added to Jam Mart Clothing 

Hey jammers! AJHQ posted on the Daily Explorer claiming that today's RIM is available to purchase, but it seems the Rare Ram Horns aren't in store yet. Perhaps a little slip up on AJHQ's side?
Try and check back later! Moving on to Play Wild news, a new pizza den set has arrived in Jam Mart Furniture. I wonder when we will see a new den set come to Animal Jam on desktop?

Now a little catch up on the latest items - we have the neat Graduation Cap on sale in Jam Mart Clothing. I assume America is going through graduation season? Not just yet for us British players. 
Over at the fairground (Summer Carnival) we have a new item, the Camera in a variety of different colours. Hopefully, we see more Summer Carnival den decorations put on sale!
To wrap up today's post, there is a fun AJ Academy posted on the Daily Explorer. You can learn how to your very own drawing robot by clicking here!
Happy jamming everyone!!

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