Friday, May 13, 2016

Shoe Stand, Drama Mask, Carnival Contest, plus Promo Code

Hey jammers! Today's new item has appeared in several Epic Den showrooms, the Shoe Stand is now available to purchase in Jam Mart Furniture. What a lovely den item!
I'm still waiting for that bamboo plant that has also appeared in several showrooms!  And over at the fairground, we have a new Happy Drama Mask item!

New clothing and den items will be arriving at the Summer Carnival all summer long, so keep an eye out! Speaking of the Summer Carnival, AJHQ are hosting a carnival fashion contest on the Daily Explorer!
Click here learn more - perhaps you can also submit your Summer Carnival outfits here on spirit? Take some outfit inspiration from the above animal avatars!
Animal Jam's section on the Nat Geo Kids  website has been given a fresh new look - revealing a new promo code! Enter ''explore'' when you login to unlock a 500 gem top-up.
You can also meet the alphas of Jamaa  in real life! 
And download adorable Animal Jam desktop backgrounds for your desktop!
Such a neat update! That's all for today, happy jamming!

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