Thursday, May 26, 2016

Paint Studio Update, Peck's Den, Hatapalooza and Pigs Announcement

Hi jammers! After hours of waiting, this week's update is finally revealed! This week's update feature is the Paint Studio - members can now turn their artwork into a neat den portrait! 
Each den frame costs two diamonds, although it may take up to two weeks for AJHQ to approve your artwork, so keep that in mind. Such a creative idea AJHQ!
I have to say I was a little concerned when I first saw about this feature on Animal Jam's Instagram, thankfully nobody will be creating inappropriate den portraits. 
Once AJHQ approve your drawing, you'll receive this Jam-a-Gram notifying you that your masterpiece is ready to be displayed in your den. You can also trade and gift your den portraits too! 
The next page of the Jamaa Journal explains everything you need to know about den portraits with an adorable octopus drawing, lovely to see AJHQ featuring less used ocean animals, the ocean is a beautiful place! 
Next up, we have a new den that was mistakenly leaked on AJ's Daily Explorer last year, introducing Peck's Den available from the diamond shop. Perfect den for displaying your talented masterpieces with the new den portraits! 
Hatapalooza is back - grab your favourite hat for 50% off while you can! Jamaa certainly has an interesting hat collection, don't forget to check out the Summer Carnival clothing shop. 
The moment we have all be waiting for: pigs are coming to Jamaa!! To me it feels like we are getting animals regularly now, I don't feel the excitement like I used to, but oh well, the pigs of Jamaa look ever so cute!
And the last page of the Jamaa Journal is a mini fact page about pigs, seems like AJHQ ran out of ideas to me here, but was interesting to read. Are you thrilled to see pigs call Jamaa home? I know I am for sure!
Over on AJ's Daily Explorer Peck have posted a helpful q&a post about den portraits, if you're interested in having a read click here. That's all for this week's update, happy jamming!!

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