Sunday, May 22, 2016

Moonrise Manor Den and Epic Wonders on Play Wild

Hey jammers! Recently Play Wild updated with some neat new updates, including the opening of Epic Wonders. Firstly we have a new den: introducing the Moonrise Manor. 
This beautifully detailed den is available to purchase from the Sapphire Shop - certainly worth the sapphires! Next up, we have the grand opening of Epic Wonders underneath the waterfall in Coral Canyons.

Like Epic Wonders on Animal Jam, there are high priced clothing and den items on sale. Play Wild's version of Epic Wonders is much more detailed, and I have to say the items are much better in my opinion. 
Especially love the Spring Antlers! To wrap up today's post  here is a graphic from AJ's Daily Explorer showing screenshots of the new Moonrise Manor den. 
Such a majestic den, lovely work AJHQ as usual! Play Wild's detailed art style always amazes me. Happy jamming everyone!!

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