Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hyenas Return, Summer Carnival, Accessory Preview Update, and Pigs?

Hey jammers! Today we have a lovely update featuring an improvement we've all been waiting for. Firstly, hyenas have finally returned from their travels!
These goofy animals are available at the diamond shop for ten diamonds. Next up, we have festival news! The Summer Carnival is back all summer long, always a jammer favorite! 
Inside the carnival, you can play classic carnival games to earn tickets, use your tickets to purchase accessories and den items! The Summer Carnival is accessible by banners around Jamaa's lands or from your party menu. 
In celebration of the Summer Carnival arriving, there are new JAGs! Invite your buddies to the fairground with these adorable JAG cards! Moving on to my favorite part of today's update. 
We can now preview clothing items before making a purchase! How helpful is that? It's lovely how AJHQ listened to our feedback with this. It seems 2016 is year for change! Nice work, AJHQ!
A new heartstone has been discovered , if you complete the puzzle in this week's Jamaa Journal it certainly looks like pigs will soon call Jamaa home! 
The polar bears of Jamaa are now preparing to go travelling, make sure you become a polar bear before they begin their travels. Lastly, with the return of hyenas a new animal minibook has been added at the Chamber of Knowledge!
Like every minibook, the hyena book comes with a fun quiz on the back page. Once you've completed the hyena quiz you will receive a shiny trophy! 
That's all for today, happy jamming!!

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